Who Am I?

What+have+i+become+a+bitch_59323d_3846959All morning I pondered on the question:

At what point did my life turn from waking up on a Saturday morning wondering what exactly did I do last nightto waking up thinking what container am I going to use for a fecal sample? Who am I …. really now?

No doubt there have been thousands of questionable comparisons over the years, but this was literally my first thought of the day. Life is too short people!

The longer I stayed in bed contemplating container options, the weirder it got.

You see, the fecal matter in question was being collected on behalf of my fur balls. That’s right ladies & gents, then I had to transport it, along with the fur balls, to the Vet for examination. Why? 

Well, because I recently applied, yes APPLIED, for them to attend a Doggie Daycare and I need to provide evidence that they are indeed the healthy canines I claimed they were on their application. Because applying for colleges wasn’t stressful enough. 

This all started because of some upcoming events that will leave my little lumps of love alone for a long stretch of time, and because we are wonderful parents we made the decision to investigate some options that would allow our little guys some outside loving hands and play time while we’re gone.  Yes, we are still talking about pets. 


Peanut & Landon sporting sweaters from their collection

After conversations with other pet owners, and the review of endless online accolades, we decided to give Camp Bow Wow the opportunity to care for Peanut & Landon in our absence. Not quite that easy.

My initial inquiry prompted an email with instructions that are equivalent to completing a FASFA application x’s 2. I have a new respect for parents of twins.

Aside from providing normal information such as an emergency contact, I was also required to describe how my guys interact with large dogs, people and disclose if they have ever been exposed to a group of 8 or more dogs. According to my responses I have successfully raised 2 sheltered homeschooled dogs. 

Seriously, you do not realize how weird you are with your pets until you see things like “Peanut a/k/a “P” loves people, other animals, and children. He is an all around social butterfly wherever he goes” in your own handwriting.

After submitting the applications, along with their clean bills of health, I was able to schedule their interview. Yes, you did read that correctly …. INTERVIEW.


Do the hats make them look desperate?

They are to report to Camp Bow Wow on Friday at 11:00 a.m. where they will be observed for 3 hours while I wait to hear if they’ve been accepted. Maybe there’s a bar nearby …

Personally, Camp Bow Wow should be honored to have my fur babies paws gracing their facility, but that’s the mother in me talking.  Meanwhile, I’ll be scheduling an appointment with the Groomer so they look dapper for their big day.

Enjoy the Ride!



19 responses

  1. I know it’s to protect all the four-legged-furries. Still…Oy! 😉 xoxoM

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    1. It’s a better system than we use for let’s say our politicians.

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      1. Yeah…and we already handle too much of their fecal matter. 😉 xoM

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  2. First of all, love the picture with the line, from their sweater collection. I suddenly saw them on QVC at midnight tossing in some foot cream, if you order now. I think it’s so noble of you to go to this much trouble so you can do normal activities. I remember baby sitting for Rocky and Coco Mazzilli. I was more a valet never leaving their short little sides. Pets are like our children. Just be happy they’re not goin to college.

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    1. Hahaha! They have so many my daughter thinks I’ve lost my mind. She forgets her baby wardrobe. I remember when you sat to those 2 royal fur balls .. that was hilarious.


      1. Yes…I did everything but bow…bow wow 🙂


  3. If only we were as careful when we hire new employees!

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    1. Seriously now … you are so right!


  4. At least you know that all the fur babies they come into contact with have been through the same process and that yours will be safe in their company. All worth the peace of mind, right?

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    1. Exactly! I appreciate the the process, but my goodness, facilities for humans should be this thoughtful.

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      1. True. However, I imagine few of us would make the cut.

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  5. I had to board my old cat Jake a long time ago because I was afraid he would eat my other cat (but that’s another story). I had to bring proof of vaccinations, recommendation from my vet and I swear they did a complete background search on me. After all that I felt that my cat wouldn’t come home with cooties. Cats are not allowed to interact with other cats because it may not go well. At this place Jake was in a 5′ x 10′ x 6’high run just like a dog. No cages for my baby! When I got there I decorated his run with catnip (so he could make friends with the cat next door — it worked) and a nice carpet. They all laughed at me. Guess us pet people are just as crazy as…….Good luck with your adventures and your pooches.

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    1. Hahahaha… we are a crazy crew indeed. In the most loving way of course.

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  6. This made my day! Can’t wait to hear that they got into Camp Bow Wow. I hope the evaluators provided some complimentary comments? But the bigger question, did Peanut and Landon find Camp Bow Wow up to their standards?

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    1. I’ll keep you posted. Their standards are pretty high consider they are beyond spoiled. I have a feeling I’ll be getting the cold shoulder when I pick them up..lol


  7. It really is the BIG question, isn’t it?
    At the end of the day, you’re my friend, among other things…


  8. they look cute in the hats! Good luck with the interview.


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