Beach Therapy

IMG_6360We are just returning from a much-needed family vacation. The last one was 9 years ago. We weren’t in the door 12 hours before I received a call that my brother has passed away. That kinda left a mark.

After the past 10 months, all I can say is “IT WAS TIME”.

the-hillbilliesThe destination of choice, the Jersey Shore. Why? When we could have been on an island in the Caribbean for what this cost. Well, because this is where our happiest family memories were made and that is priceless. 

So, on August 12th, we loaded up the car like the Beverly Hillbillies and headed to Ocean
City, NJ for 7 glorious days of fun in the sun. 5 adults, 2 dogs, 2 vehicles, and everything but the kitchen sink hit the road.

Day 1:  IMG_6350

Honestly, does it get better? I spent EVERY morning walking the beach without a single care or concept of time or distance. A bathroom for this middle aged bladder would have made it perfect.

It’s safe to say that I could live happily ever after just watching a mother seagull looking over her tribe as they ate breakfast. If only it paid well.

Lisa G., S.O. (Seagull Observer) Has a ring to it doesn’t it?

Quiet mornings on the beach are also made for surf fishing. According to my IMG_6426fish loving son anyway.

He caught the surf fishing bug 17 years ago when he was just 5 years old. I’ll never forget the image of him heading to the water like a boss with his Lion King fishing rod in hand and a lollipop in his mouth. Today it’s high-end gear in one hand and his beautiful girlfriend on the other.

Of course, we were reminiscing about that day because it was indeed memorable. For many reasons.

What happens when a 5-year-old somehow reels in 6 King fish in a row with his $5.00 fishing rod? Other than crowds forming, people cheering, paparazzi and giving high-fives to the happiest 5-year-old on the planet of course. Well, I’ll tell you.

20914453_1784753428204828_273169236215177351_nA grown man who was fishing about 10 ft away, with 6 ocean rods lined up like soldiers came marching over to fill my son in on the amount of money he had tied up in his rods and the unfairness of him catching all the fish. Remember, my son was FIVE.

Up until that moment, I had never been in such close proximity to a giant man baby. This “man” actually walked back to his “million dollar” rods, smacked them all to the ground while my 5-year-old looked on and stated, “He’s stupid!” Out of the mouth of babes. 

Hmm, where have I witnessed that type of behavior recently? Bye bye reality back to my happy place. 


Another joy was sipping a cup of coffee with my toes in the sand. A little sand between my toes was just what the doctor ordered.

As a child, my mother always told us “the salt water heals everything”, and I must admit she was 100% right.

The healing powers of living the salt life surpassed months of doctor appointments and medications. Mother Nature does not accept insurance … it’s free.

A little beach therapy is just what we all needed.

Enjoy! This Ride Will Be Continued.



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  1. We too go to the NJ shore. We haven’t been in a few years for various reasons. We’re thinking about trying to find a place for September. Salt water heals a lot.

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    1. September is GORGEOUS at the shore … just heavenly

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      1. It is. Damn people gone. Water warm. The only thing we have encountered is if you go after the second week in September, some of the restaurants close. More margaritas on the deck!

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      2. Hahaha! So very true. We always went the last week of August. Everything was 50% off and better yet …. less people.

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  2. Another joy was sipping a cup of coffee with my toes in the sand. A little sand between my toes was just what the doctor ordered.


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      1. I’ll bet. Gonna get me some sand. Will litter do? 🙂

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  3. This is one of my favorites of all your wonderful posts! I too had many happy times with my family on the Jersey Shore (Loveladies). You actually gave me a much needed beach fix with your lovely writing, thank you!

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    1. Mine too!
      Loveladies is very nice. Actually, anywhere there is an ocean is just perfect.


  4. When I was young, maybe 9 or 10, we were on vacation on a lake in northern Michigan. I had been fishing for hours and caught absolutely nothing but seaweed. Then, my youngest brother, who wasn’t fishing and was playing on the shore with his beach toys, happily hoists up fish that happened to be swimming which he had caught with his bare hands. Needless to say, I was not happy. Still, at that young, immature age, I did not throw my equipment down nor try to make my brother feel guilty about anything he’d done. So, yeah, that dude in your story is a total assclown.

    Anyhow, hooray for vacations!! Glad you had a good time!

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    1. Biggest assclown! (plus many other names that I have called him)
      Vacations rock!

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  5. I know that area. I used to visit my girl friend in Cape May. It’s a beautiful part of the world!

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    1. Cape May is still stunning!


  6. Oh…this makes me yearn for a beach vacation too. It is definitely salt water therapy.

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  7. I’m way over due for some salt water therapy! Your Mom was a very smart lady. I’m so glad you got to have yours. Well deserved.

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  8. Lisa, I am sorry about your brother. I am glad you found some family time away at the beach. I love your son’s fishing story. Take care and don’t wait so long before the next beach visit. Keith


  9. The beach has a way of making you forget all your problems and stress and make you feel relaxed.

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    1. It sure does. Thank you for stopping by!

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