Make Them Want More

via Daily Prompt: Entertain

What can I say?  I L O V E to entertain.

I love to make my house sparkle & shine.

I love cooking with a dash of love and a smidgen of admiration.

I love breaking out all the fancy schmancy goods.

I love watching the interactions.

I love listening to the laughter.

I love feeling the love.

There is something about having the power to make people happy that swells my soul.

Of course, it might not seem like it while I’m running around like a chicken without its head to ensure that everything is just so or when I’m screaming at my kids because they’re leaving signs of life ALL over the house, but I really do. I swear!

Recently my son was kind enough to send me this video that could be actual footage of me before hosting anything from coffee to Christmas.  As he explained “Mom! This is so YOU!” Please remind me again why I had kids?

Well, I guess I should be glad that I’m not the mother of Chris Fleming, the young man behind this video because he is the comedian that stars as the titular high-strung suburban mom Gayle Waters-Waters in this video, and many more that are also hilarious.

So, after the dust settles literally and the guests arrive, I put on my best hostess with the mostess attitude to dazzle them with delicious food, laughter, music, cocktails, more laughter and conversation before I send them back to reality where for days they are yearning for a little more. That’s Entertainment!

Enjoy the Ride!


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  1. I’ve been known to make my husband crazy prior to company. Now he knows what to do and he just does it.

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    1. He should really consider teaching a class on “just doing it.” Lord knows I could fill his class right up.

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  2. Heheheheh…I saw this and laughed my butt off. I use to be more like this. Now in such a small place with still too much stuff and nowhere to put it, it doesn’t matter how much I clean it still looks a mess.

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    1. Me too! I was dying just thinking of him imitating his mother … hahaha!

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  3. Loved this…but more than that…LOVE THAT YOU’RE WRITING…:)

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  4. Wow, as an intense introvert I can’t in any way identify with your love of entertaining, but I appreciate it. If everyone were like me, no one would ever leave their own home!

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    1. My good friend is the same way, and that’s what makes us that much better together. Ying & Yang

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  5. Yikes! I could see a little bit of myself in that video.

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    1. Be glad it’s just a little … haha


  6. Ha ha! If I show this to my husband, will it solve our marital difficulties before company comes? Perfection is attainable! I know it!

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  7. LOL! I love that video! And, I’m the same way (minus the kids) – everything must be spic ‘n span. Nary a trace of “life” in the house. But, I’ve learned to relax, especially as most events we host involve guests moving from indoors to outdoors and back again, their children and their pets doing the same. With that kind of traffic, the house quickly becomes chaos, but one filled with good conversations, laughter, and the delighted squeals of children and barks of dogs. The dirt quickly becomes unimportant and invisible. 😀 Love this post!

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  8. I have been known to be a bit (and by a bit, I mean absolutely a maniac) hyper when getting ready for guests. I do enjoy opening my home and having people come in, and I always hope they are enjoying themselves as much as I enjoyed getting ready for them… for once it is all done, you sort of forget what a lunatic you were in the process!

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