Let ‘er Roll!

via Daily Prompt: Conveyor

con·vey·or:  a person or thing that transports or communicates something.  “a conveyor of information.”

When I first read this prompt, Lucy and Ethel came to mind as I remembered the most famous conveyor belt of my lifetime, which has been providing laughter to so many for decades. You’re welcome. 



Life was so much simpler in the days when the only things coming at us like a train were chocolates. Sigh

We now live in a time where information conveyed is too easily received, not because it’s factual, but because it matches our belief. This information overload is preventing us from L I S T E N I N G to anything outside of our own opinions. A wall has been built folks, and it’s not in Mexico.

Now that the double-edged sword technology has entered our lives; it’s not just the bombardment of information conveyed at full throttle; it’s the follow-up investigations to dissect the truths that are equally overwhelming for me.  Exhausting is an understatement.

Sadly, not everyone conducts investigations because it’s more accessible to watch “Breaking News” or accept information spewed out of the mouths our politicians as factual. Easy peasy.

Just remember, Memes have become sources of News in some circles of this country. Let that sink in for a moment. 

We also endure the information our “friends” on social media are conveying to the world on a minute to minute basis. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat an endless stream of blah, blah, blah. I’ve never been happier not to be a teenager.

Don’t get me wrong; it’s nice to share moments that have substance, the photo of a lost pet, an encouraging quote or funny meme, but to continuously convey your every move to the world is more of a cry for help. Look at me look at me … umm … NO!

Just like Lucy said “Ethel, I think we’re fighting a losing game.” as she shoved chocolates in her mouth, under her hat, and on the floor.

It’s time to dig deep people. The time has come to silence the overload, regain our common sense and be better stewards of the information we are conveying to the world. One closed tab at a time.

How’s this for information overload?

Be kind. Be mindful. Be considerate. Be aware. Be honest. Be friendly. Be compassionate. Be grateful. Be inspirational. Be yourself. Be happy. Be strong and as always, Enjoy the Ride!




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  1. You said it sista…I am so sick of BREAKING NEWS…and SEX SEX SEX…TIRED…I miss Lucy, who was funny, and innocent without her tits hangin out. That’s why her conveyor belt is still, all these years later, so funny. I’m tired Top. At this point I don’t care if Trump had an affair with a porn star or Miss Piggy, and Harvey Weinstein can go in the shredder alongside Woody Allen and Bill Cosby.

    Excuse me, while I Youtube some Lucy and break out a Milky Weigh in her honor.

    Thanks for the film. Made my already, challenged morning.


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    1. I miss Lucy too! I love this clip … hahaha! Let’s just live the Lucy & Ethel life and call it a day.

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      1. It’s a deal…:) One of my favorites is her at the Brown Derby with William Holden…when Ethel cuts her spaghetti with a tweezer…LOL

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      2. Hahahaha!! I love when they went to California. It was in color.

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      3. They’re my favorites.

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  2. I’ve been hitting the mute button often. There are already political commercials for the May primaries. Seriously. I’m tired.

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  3. I like your overload, that, I can handle! Bring it on!!!!

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  4. When is too much, too much? I think pretty much all the time now. Due to circumstances beyond my control I was off line for a few days last week. I even turned my phone off. You know what? It was really nice! I think I might just try to do that more frequently…on purpose.

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