World Peace Is In The Kitchen

IMG_0835Last weekend I had the pleasure of participating in the 15th Annual Philadelphia Interfaith Walk for Peace and Reconciliation with members from my Quaker Meeting, and it was an enjoyable experience. This country could use one of these on a daily basis.

The theme for the walk this year was “Recognizing the One in All of Us.” This is appropriate for many reasons, in and out of religions.

Although this is something that has been going on for 15 years, it was my first, but certainly not my last. There is just something fulfilling about being surrounded by a group of like-minded folks that energizes me in a way I cannot put into words.

We started our journey at the Arch Street Meeting House in old city Philadelphia. The Meeting room was filled with Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Sikhs, Hindus, Baha’i, secular humanists, and others who share the values of peace and justice.  We sat in silence, as we do in Quaker tradition before heading to the streets.

Our first stop was the Society Hill Synagogue where we were greeted by members lining the entrance. Musicians were playing inside that filled the room with joy. The Rabbi welcomed all of us with prayer and a dash of humor. We then enjoyed a musical prayer performed by the Philadelphia Sikh Society youth group. A reading by Philadelphia Youth Poet Laurite, Husna Hashim, that rose the room to their feet in applause, and a Recitation from the Qu’ran by Muhammed Shehata from the Al Aqsa Islamic Society, which thankfully was translated for all of us to interpret. Notice the Rabbi & the Muslim embracing in the background. Who would have known ….

All throughout the walk, we were encouraged to use this opportunity to strike up a conversation with someone outside of our comfort zone and LEARN. Questions like “does your turban come pre-wrapped or do you do it yourself?” were not off limits. 

Just in case you were wondering they are not pre-wrapped and there are YouTube videos for guidance. According to his smile, I would say he was relieved at the lightness of my question. 

Once we left the Synagogue, we made our way back to the street and headed out for a 60-minute walk to Al Aqsa Mosque. We were greeted by the sounds of music compliments of a woman DJ wearing a hijab and Beats by Dre headphones. Something you don’t see every day.

The parameter of the facility was lined with the World Peace ballons in the above photo. It was indeed a site to witness. The air was consumed by the fragrance of dinner being made by the members of the Mosque, and dessert prepared by the Sikh community for all of us to share. All I can say is …. YUM!

As we were all settling in I took a moment to look around, I mean really look around at the oneness surrounding me.

I watched the men carrying out trays of food, and the women were not only directing where everything needed to go, but they were also getting annoyed if the men did not do it accordingly. Every woman reading this knows exactly what I’m talking about.

The children were running around excited to have company in their “home.”Look what I can do! Look at me! Watch this! Free entertainment.

I realized that the ONE woman in our lives who insists you try her dish over the everyday meals made by the other women even though your plate is already overflowing exists in EVERY culture. You know who you are ladies. 

This was when I understood that the core ingredient to solving World Peace is FOOD. We really need to stop overthinking, start cooking and 

Enjoy the Ride!


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  1. You make me so wish I was there. Your account is a visual pull to walk alongside you and your brethren. And in Philadelphia. You made me think of Ben Franklin who created the first synagogue in Philadelphia allowing Jews to finally worship legitimately in peace. When old Ben died the entire congregation walked behind his casket in gratitude. I’ll just bet he was marching peacefully beside you enticed by all that comfort food. A hunch. Lovely piece

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    1. Thank You!
      Don’t you just love Ben? Once again your history lesson fills my soul. Now I have something else to bring to the table along with the fact that after his bath he stood in an open window naked to dry.

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      1. Think of what he saved on towels drip drying that way. Old Ben. 🙂


  2. They really need this in Washington DC! Maybe put something a little interesting in the drinks too.


  3. This is the best prescription I’ve read all YEAR. Let’s start with cookies.


  4. What a wonderful event to attend. Events like that tend to show me that the differences between people are fewer than the similarities. I know very little about Quakers. I found this post inspiring. Thank you.


  5. Thanks for this…I really needed to hear that there are people actively “waging peace” out there after listening to the news over the past few days. The priest at my church (very progressive Roman Catholic) has participated in quite a few interfaith events that happen in Atlanta. And he’s always encouraging us to join him. After reading your post, I think I will next time!


  6. Yes. And toilets.


  7. What a wonderful experience! I envy you that. You’re right, the one thing in every culture that puts everything else aside is food.
    On another note…I will just quickly say how much your “Lady Gaga” piece meant to me and I am glad I had the opportunity to read it before it disappeared.

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    1. It was a very special day. As for the Gaga piece, WordPress was making me crazy and I still haven’t figured it out. Thank you for catching a glimpse.

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