Let’s Put The “We” Back In The People

Well, because unfortunately, it’s still relevant.
Happy 4th of July!

Life With The Top Down

31c32a1162447a8ac92a38fc195e2436If this gem doesn’t just scream my name, I don’t know what does. That’s right folks, I’m officially hanging with the pigeon squad. 


Not by the hamster wheel of life, but by the behavior of my co-humans.

By the increased hatred and decrease in common decency.

By the lack of truth and overindulgence of misinformation and lies.


By the loss of common ground and the divided beliefs.

By the daily negativity of, he said she said while essential issues sit silently.

By the rise in civil obedience and the lack of active participation in the process.


By being told who to hate by our televisions, while books collect dust.

By judgments, labels & stereotypes in one hand and Bibles, flags & hypocrisy in the other.

By the absence of faith, hope & charity and the escalation of greed.


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  1. Get some sleep… you snoozy bugger!

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  2. I wish I knew this was here. i so love when you write. My site is still hooked to the woman who put it up which is why I don’t get notices. You write so beautifully Madam. Truly…I’m a HUGE FAN.


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