Flying the Coop​



Oscar & Felix 2018

Well, there have been some big things going on over here at the homestead, one of the most significant announcements is my baby bird has flown the coop. Gigantic sneakers all over my house will not be missed.

My son, along his longtime friend, moved into the hottest, young hip section of the city. Yes, I’m jealous.

These two young men have been friends since kindergarten, and have been opposite since day one, yet they never parted ways. The millennial version of “The Odd Couple.”

The key to their long relationship is they are both logical thinkers. Something tells me this will come in handy real soon.

My son is a tattooed free spirit who could never work in the confines of an office, he speaks his mind and has no problem living out of a laundry basket.  Jon is a neat, organized, corporate world young man who enters a room as if he is going to run for office. It’s an awkward feeling knowing my son is the Oscar of this duo. 

Of course, as a mother, I had concerns about these two living together, mostly because I gave birth to one of them and on occasion have had thoughts of causing physical harm over his living habits. Actually, too many to count.

The biggest challenge for them to date was purchasing everything from A to Z. I will admit I was close to setting up a wedding registry for them at Bed, Bath & Beyond. 

Speaking of the triple B mecca of home goods, my mother saves all the coupons “just in case.” Thank goodness! 

After one of our outings, she summoned me up to her apartment for the exchange. I was slipped a jammed packed, plain sealed manilla envelope. It was all very mysterious. Yes, yes I did question the contents.

Just as I was about to leave I was commanded to “sit down!” Things like this rarely end well.MV5BMTMzMzc1ODEyOF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwMDY2MTU2._V1_

I did as I was told, and proceeded to listen to a sermon regarding her impending death, which according to her calculations based on a few hours of feeling bad at 91 years old, will be taking place before her birthday next month. What?! Honestly, the things I’ll endure for 20% off are alarming. 

No need to worry folks. The following day I asked how she was feeling and the answer was a firm “like Loretta Young.”

All the worry was worth it since those coupons saved a small fortune. But nothing was better than the look of horror on my sons face at the price of bath towels. It gave a whole new meaning to shock & awe. 

It’s been one week since the big move or as I like to call it “the beginning of a lower water bill” for me. I’ve done O N E load of wash all week! 

My son has called twice with chicken-related questions. How do you cook it? And is it still ok to eat? Whew for number 2. 

Everyone is still in one piece, and we’re all Enjoying the Ride into the next chapter.


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  1. This is an exciting time for all. Empty nests create conflicting feelings. Happiness that he is capable and you now have your home to yourself and sadness because you will miss him after you get over not tripping over the ginormous shoes. I keep all BBB coupons too. We have some in each car (before we always forget them) and there is a backup folder.

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    1. Hahaha! I MUST tell my mom about your back-up folder.
      We’re working on getting the other one out of the nest as well, although she’s rarely here and has small feet.

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      1. So it’s not really empty nest…yet.


  2. I love that you call him baby bird. I have a vision of a tall, hunky Pelican in his last pair of pressed pants courtesy of his mom.

    I love when you post stories about your kids. I’m jealous, but can live vicariously through Top Tales.

    And your mother’s 20% legacy is every Italian girl’s dream. I smiled at that story.


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    1. He’s my baby. A title I am still addressed as at 54 .. lol!
      You had to see his friends closet. It was spectacular! His mother is hoping my Zac gets him to loosen up and I’m hoping for clothes to actually be in a closet.
      She already gave me more coupons. We did save a small fortune!

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      1. See, that’s what’s important…the here and now. I was just there buying Calcium with my 20%er. Let’s face it, we’ll walk a mile for a deal. The American way. 🙂


  3. An exciting time for your son…. and you! As long as he doesn’t bring all that new laundry home of course.


  4. The price of living away from home is a shocker for your son I am certain. I think it is cool that he is halving the cost with a buddy. Shows he is thinking ahead.


  5. You brought back fond memories of flying the coop and setting up my own 1st time nest. Even then it was a shocker how much everything was going to cost. I took it upon myself to make a lot of things, like curtains and covers for the old second hand couch. I used the cheapest fabric I could find to fit in my budget. My first year of college I, and anyone who visited me, had bad rashes consistently all over my legs and arms. It turns out no matter how pretty the colours, burlap is a poor choice for seat covers.

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  6. They will survive!

    My son and his friend since 7th grade moved in together in January, and I was surprised to learn that my son, a professional-level room messer-upper, turned out to be Felix in their new place. HE CLEANS THE BATHROOM! Biggest shock of my life!

    Good luck to all involved!

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