Google Grim Reaper


Ok, 2018 can seriously pack up now and hit the road. Bye bitch!

Hearts of all kinds have been at the forefront for me this year. The theme could indeed be dubbed hearts gone wild. 

The year kicked off big bringing the shattered hearts of parents who lost their child. One would think that would be enough.

Nope, next up the hearts of children who lost a parent weighted down with sadness and a load of new responsibilities. The circle of life at work.

Witnessing the end of young love with hearts broken in half. Ugh, it felt like 1986 all over again.

Having heartstrings pulled and tugged in every direction with news of illnesses of friends and family. Is this just another thing that happens when you get older?

Feel free to grab some black crepes at this point, maybe a sickle.

Oh, let’s not forget the feeling of an impending heart attack every time we see the words BREAKING NEWS flash across our televisions. Too many to count these days.

At work, I have been given a new title without a raise. Oh, yes, I can add Google 'Got him... got him... got him... need him...'Grimreaper to my resume. That should raise an eyebrow or two at an interview.

After 14 years of working in the medical field, you get to know your patients, so when they don’t show up for an appointment or their phone has been disconnected your heart sinks. I tend to forget we’re all 14 years older. 

Ugh, so this summer I spent a significant amount of time Googling death notices to earn my new title. Lucky me.

All of this gives us a choice to fall into the abyss of grief, pain, and uncertainty or stand tall in the gap recognizing the resilience of the human heart. Honestly, you’re not human if you have not had the experience of a broken heart.

It’s allowing that open heart to be filled with compassion, grace, and empathy.

It’s believing that our pain can be given new life.

It’s keeping faith in humanity.

It’s hope.

It’s learning to Enjoy the Ride in the process.





16 responses

  1. This is so beautifully written, taking poignant up a good notch. Sometimes it feels as if the world is wrapping up, like the way a film production does…all the sets come down, the players leave. I’m sorry you had so much sadness come calling. The upside is, it makes the light so much stronger, when the sun shines. Great piece…stirring, thought provoking in its pure, tenderly penned truth. Susannah

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    1. Thank you, Grasshopper! Your words always make me feel better.


      1. Kate even sent me an email to make sure I saw it. She said…she’s such a great writer 🙂

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  2. Loved this. I’ve spent the year whining about the weather but perhaps that’s a cover. Never complain about what’s really bothering you. This hasn’t been one of my favorite years although it looks like we are ending it healthy and alive. As a side, I did a lot of work on ancestry this year and was astounded at how many relatives that I’m not in touch with have died. Many are younger than me. It was both sobering and a time for introspection. Perhaps the grim reaper and I are playing a game of catch me if you can.

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    1. Let’s keep that healthy and alive thing going, shall we? Maybe you can be my Google Grimreaper assistant, but I’ll tell you up front, the pay sucks.

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  3. I’m afraid of ancestry…God knows who I’d dig up…so to speak. Bride of Frankenstein clutching a bloody martini glass. Top would agree, thank goodness for humor.

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  4. Peering through the darkness to find the light beyond has always been a struggle for me. I imagine doing your job would pull me into a place I’d just as soon never see. You are strong, my friend.

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    1. Some days, only on some days. Nice to see you ❤ Hope you and the boys are doing well these days.

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  5. Hope. A beautiful…. and sometimes elusive thing. Especially in today’s world. But we’re resilient creatures and will always reach for the light, no matter how far away it seems. Sorry this year has been so trying , wishing you a bright and beautiful 2019.

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    1. Thank you! I adore Hope, but you’re right, sometimes it’s hard to notice her hiding in the corner these days.

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  6. While I hope next year is better, I learned years ago when I couldn’t wait for one year (1981) to end, the next year (1982) was infinitely worse. So I take what I get and hope.

    But a good result for tomorrow’s elections will certainly give me UBER hope!

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  7. That job couldn’t have gone to a better woman. Now for the raise, please?

    Let’s all hold virtual hands. Here’s to no shocking surprises on November 6, and here’s hope for a launch into what must certainly be an awesome 2019.

    Yes, sadly, it’s true. People degrade with age. I know this, and yet it catches me by surprise every time. My 91 year old dad told me today he just hopes he doesn’t go out as a skeleton. ?? Maybe even humor degrades with age. Unless that joke is over my head.

    Your humor won’t go though. Funny to the end.

    Happy Nov. 7, I hope.

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    1. My hope is that the universe is going to give me a big fat gift today as I watch these results.

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  8. Beautiful post.

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