Blue In The Blood

Election Day is upon us, and it’s more important than ever to exercise our civic duty and cast a vote. Below is only ONE reason it’s essential!


This is a section of the new patient registration form required by our office, and this is what someone chose to claim as an allergy. Seriously now …

Now, at first, I did laugh thinking that this guy is pretty ballsy to believe that this would go unnoticed by the two LIBERALS working the front office.

However, in hindsight, I need to remember that people are actually crazy and maybe next time I will refrain from calling to remind him to double up on his Benadryl before his appointment. Oh yes, I did!

It has never been a question for me whether or not I would vote, but in light of the current atmosphere in this country or even in our local communities, the bar has risen to light a fire under our friends, family, neighbors, and anyone with ears. It’s in my blood, my blue blood to be exact.

I was raised by two dedicated democratic servants of the community. The polling place was in our home for god sakes. No excuses.

My mother would stay up the night before making homemade meatballs with gravy for the women on the board, while my sister and I rolled lunchmeats into fancy schmancy cylinders to be displayed on a platter, and my father would go to the neighborhood deli first thing in the morning for fresh rolls. My parents fed both sides of the aisle because they were NORMAL!

During my childhood, I witnessed my parents taking on local government to ensure that our newly built, but quickly growing community, was safe with the installation of much-needed stop signs, rescue wagons, and larger street signs to make it easier for police and fire to respond. My mother walked up and down endless steps to have petitions signed, sometimes going back more than once to catch the man of the house after work.

It was definitely a family affair, whether you wanted to be involved or not, you rallied your friends to stuff envelopes and canvas the neighborhood like a chain gang. This was in the 70’s when kids had enough critical thinking skills to make things like this fun. 

Fast forward to 2018. My father is long gone, but my mother will be turning 92 this month. Her goal has been to live to cast her vote in this election … oh yeah … this is what I’ve heard for months. 

She has been following this election like a hawk. Well, a legally blind bird, with a sharp mind who is outraged at the behavior in Washington. When a 92-year-old tells you they’ve NEVER seen anything like it, be alarmed. 

I will be voting before I go to work. I’m leaving on my lunch break to assist my mother in the voting booth, and I will be sending my children unlimited text messages until they get over to the polls. Threats are not off the table to the children. 

Now, if you haven’t already done so, log off and get your ass to the polls and E!

Enjoy The Ride! 





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  1. I’ve been getting hysterical emails about today, how it will change our lives. I always try to remember the women who lobbied to get women the vote who never saw it passed in their lifetime. Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony to name two. How they marched and rallied with their long dresses carrying placards, booed, sometimes jailed, so me you and V can take our little asses on in to register our two cents.

    That alone means the world. Nice piece Topdown. 🙂

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    1. Liz hung out with Quakers like Suzy so of course, she was a force to be reckoned with! What amazes me about women like these 2 badasses is many of them had an army of kids and husbands that were cool with them being gone for months as they fought for the greater good, and as you said, in long dresses!

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      1. That’s right. Liz couldn’t go on the road because of her large family, but Suzy was single and was the Eleanor R. of the two. Happy that the Dems won the house. A blessing, and then some.


  2. I’m heading out shortly, after railing at two women who run our local restaurant yesterday. They’re both of the “I don’t like anyone who is running, my vote doesn’t make a difference” variety. I got so hot my husband told me to tone it down. That kind of apathy hurts democracy and it’s running rampant around here.
    Vote like your life depends it. Because it just might.

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    1. I will NEVER understand that mindset. Meanwhile, our young men and women are being killed overseas fighting for a privilege we are handed when we leave the womb.

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      1. Agreed. We have a district race here that’s too close to call yet. The difference is less than 500. Every vote does count!!

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  3. Just voted in the pouring rain. I was soaked. Seems the poll workers took all the parking spots in front of the place so voters had to park on the street. Normally I wouldn’t mind but in the rain? Also we have changed to a totally electronic system. No more manual books. The woman (aged at least 95) who signed me (there were only 2 women working the sign ins) in couldn’t type on a computer. I expect the place will back up. I had volunteered to help but was told they didn’t need me. At our district we need some younger folks working the computers. This stuff is too important to have voters frustrated and leave. On a hopefully positive note, our polling place was busy. I’m taking that as a good sign. We had a federal senator and representative to vote for, one of which could be a party turnover for the good. I remember when I was a kid. My mother didn’t drive but there were drivers willing to take people to vote. It was always exciting!

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    1. ALL districts need younger people to be involved. I was very happy to wake up to the news that the house went blue. Woo Hoo!

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      1. I went to bed with that news and slept better than in a long time. I was surprised that there are some elections that haven’t been determined yet.


  4. I voted, Lisa!!!
    Benedryll. Hilarious!!!

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