One Change

On Sunday while attending my Quaker Meeting, I was moved by the message of one of the members. So much so that it has stuck with me for days now.

She began with a story about her company looking to revamp some staleness within her department, which led to a member coming to the table with a YouTube video about the reintroduction of grey wolves into the park, and the far-reaching effects their presence has had on the ecosystem. I highly recommend you watch if you haven’t already had the pleasure.

The video led to the conversation of the power of making ONE CHANGE.

Next, she shared that a few years ago, as she was stirring her coffee in the company kitchen, she looked at her plastic spoon with different eyes.

After going back to her office, she realized that she used two plastic spoons every day. One for her coffee and one for her yogurt. a/k/a … A LOT!

Just a few calculations later she realized that there is probably a landfill somewhere sporting her name in bright lights. A total will not be provided due to my loathing of mathematics.

So, from that day on she began bringing her stainless steel spoon to the office, but not just any spoon, she decided to bring a family heirloom that would catch the attention of her co-workers. Smart!

Next thing you know the idea of B.Y.O.S. caught on and not only did the company save money; co-workers got creative with their spoons, the climate in the office brightened, and those landfill lights began to dim. Bam!

Now, I know there is a large community of creative minds who read this little ole blog, so take a moment to think about what ONE CHANGE you can make in your daily routine that will change the world. We are much more potent than we let on folks. 

Please feel free to share your creative juices in the comments, and as always … Enjoy the Ride!



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  1. great post, a lesson in it for all, it reminds me of ancient words, blessings


    1. Thank you! Blessings indeed.


  2. Thinking of a way to change the world becomes overwhelming. I like the idea of doing one change for yourself and being surprised by the effect it has! Recently our trash hauler sent us all an email. Recycling rules have changed and things that we could recycle are no longer accepted. Because some people were putting everything in recycling, it was no longer a “clean” product that could be sold off. It was an eye opener for me and I have altered what I do and what I buy. Sometimes more information helps.


    1. We received the same notification from the city. I cannot get over how the trash men are abiding by the rules. They will leave it at the curb if a plastic bag is spotted. You are correct that knowledge is the key on recycling.

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    2. I recycle I’m happy to say.

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      1. I do too as best as I can.

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  3. You’re right. One could do so much better. Here’s to real cutlery and more awareness. I can certainly fit a spoon or two into my handbag. Loved the video. Happy Thanksgiving Top. Nice piece. 👍


    1. Thank you, Grasshopper! I’d like to change the thoughts in my head that prevent me from being my best self. “You are a rock star Lisa” sounds good in the morning.


      1. And you don’t even need to play an instrument, like Elvis…:)

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  4. It’s not a big deal, but anytime I travel, either domestically or internationally, I always take a rigid water bottle with me. I’ve saved countless plastic bottles over the years by just refilling my water bottle over and over and over. Small contribution I know, but every little bit counts right? One thing I’ve been thinking about is getting one of those fold up stainless steel straws to use in restaurants instead of using a plastic straw. Thanks for getting the creative juices flowing!


    1. Great idea!!! Thanks for stopping by to comment. The fold up straw is genious.


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