Time Is On My Side

fullsizeoutput_30d8Today I’m sitting in my sunless sunroom on day number who the hell knows of  Stay In Your Damn House life here in Philadelphia.What’s a girl to do? 

I’ve been pondering about ALL of this extra time I have on my hands, the time I must say I have longed for over the years. On more than one occasion, I’ve said, “If I were locked in this house, I would scrub it from top to bottom.” Oh, the lies I tell.

The problem seems to be the lack of clarity in my intention. I should have said, “If I were locked in this house, BY MY OWN FREE WILL, WITHOUT WORRYING ABOUT THE HEALTH AND WELLBEING OF MY LOVED ONES AND THE WORLD, THE FEAR OF FINANCIAL DEMISE AND LACK OF TOILET PAPER, I would scrub this house from top to bottom. It’s all about the presentation, folks.

So, what has been going on over here at my abode you ask, not scrubbing, that’s for sure. There has been some puzzle building, which started with enthusiastic joy and ended with the equivalent to a quarantined cage fight. I’m still not sure when it turned into a competition. 


I started puzzle #3 on my own. It contains 1,000 mind-boggling pieces that, in the end, will resemble all sorts of dog breeds, including a bio. Dachsund: Loves to Play and Act Comically, Also Makes an Alert Watchdog. I think this guy is ready for Match.com. 

Last night I spent a good hour looking for the legs of an Irish Setter. This is now my new gauge on time. Do you have time? Yes, but not enough to waste looking for Irish Setter legs. 

Let’s see, there have been limited, but necessary trips to the supermarket. I knew when the parking lot looked like a trauma center with used gloves and masks on the ground; I was about to appreciate this social distancing thing even more. I’m starting to believe the first symptom of this virus is the loss of all common sense.

Oh, how could I forget my introduction to the use of Zoom? For those of you who aren’t familiar, it’s a way to communicate through video chat. It’s been a real silver lining through all of this distancing. It’s also been a REALLY BIG eyeopener to my gray roots and Groucho Marx eyebrows!   

List of The Brady Bunch characters - WikipediaHonestly, my favorite part of using Zoom is watching my placement in the conversation. During my last conference, I held the spot of Mrs. Brady for a good 15 minutes! This is where I’m at people, this is where I’m at.

Do not mistake my sarcastic storytelling for lack of empathy during these uncertain times. Sarcasm is my protective shield, and lord knows it has seen better days.

Enjoy the Ride! 6 feet apart until further notice. PLEASE!


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  1. I did Zoom for the first time this weekend. My takeaway is that it’s worse than a mirror. I looked much older on the computer screen than my bathroom mirror says. I like my mirror better but I can’t communicate with people on it. One of my daily pleasures is hearing the bark of a dog and trying to figure out which neighbor’s dog it is. I’m getting really good at this. Too bad it’s not an Olympic sport.


    1. Thank you, Kate! I officially LOVE my mirror.

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      1. So what is it about computer screens and how do I get a filter for it? 🙂

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  2. I have missed your wit and sarcasm!! I have tried sarcasm on some texts to friends and I get a response, are you really depressed? And then they try to remedy my depression, naw, I’m just sarcastic!!! Loved this post, tried to get some puzzles, but when I was looking pre-quarantine, but figuring it was going to happen there were no puzzles. I am tempted to go to the grand’s toy room and put together the big floor puzzles, but, I need their help with those and they are several hours away locked in their own homes. Thanks for the laugh today, you truly brightened my day!


    1. Haha! I’ve had that happen with text messages as well. My daughter asked “where are the puzzles I use to do with grandmom?” Um .. in a daycare somewhere. She’s 26 .. lol!
      Stay well and thanks for stopping by!

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  3. Kathy Hafner McCay | Reply

    Groucho Marx eyebrows, LOL …I sported Karl Malden’s nose in my ninth month of pregnancy. Atleast those brows are protecting your eyes from Covid 19 mishaps…

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  4. I have felt like singing the brady bunch theme while on Zoom also. Not sure I like facetiming etc on video, I don’t like how I look in pictures at the best of times.

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    1. Oh … I can’t count how many times I’ve scared myself when the camera comes on ..lol

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