Dust Covered Purpose

I’ve always been an avid walker, trust me, I have the hooves to prove it! I proudly inherited this from my mother; she set this example early on, pushing my sister and me in a stroller all over town. Walking was the alternative when your husband 2462974766840788_GJWxG6kE_ftook the car to work. Yes, there was a time when not every member of the house had a car.

So, with gyms closed during the pandemic, I was grateful to have my feet to keep me on the move. Sadly they weren’t moving quite as fast as my jaw! 

Now, here I am, four months later, and much fuller than I was in March. Between the stress, anxiety, and bulk shopping, I’m just glad I’m not ready to audition for My 600 Pound Life. Look for those bright spots people.

My gym did open a week ago, but I’m not so sure I want to be in a closed box filled with sweat, or frying out on the blacktop parking lot for a workout just yet. So, what’s a girl to do? She got her creative juices flowing and found herself a used treadmill. Facebook Marketplace has some gems. 

Ok, we’ve all been in the position where our intentions far outweigh our ambitions, I know I have. We buy ourselves home exercise equipment, and before long, they’re doubling as a coat hanger. Well, remember this, there is always someone ready to purchase that used like BRAND SPANKING NEW coat hanger for 149 dollars! One person’s exercise/coat hanger is another’s treasure.

At first, I thought 149 dollars, why not round it up? Weird, but ok. I dug a little deeper, zoomed in on the photos, and couldn’t get past the low price for this beauty. Hmm, does it work? What’s the catch? My inner Nancy Drew always surfaces, and she can’t help herself.

Well, after Nancy conducted a brief investigation, it turned out that the owner is downsizing from her MANSION, purchased the treadmill to keep active, and will not need it at her new home. Her headband probably cost more than what I paid for this treadmill.

SOLD! I Google the address and found out my purchase currently resides in a home that just sold for 1 MILLION DOLLARS. It was living in a room designated for treadmills for god sakes! I started to feel bad for an inanimate object.

I had to share this information with my sister. First, because she’ll see the humor of the situation, and secondly, I know she’ll have a comeback that will bring it home, so I shot her a text. “My treadmill is living on the Kardashian’s set, and is heading straight to Roseanne’s set!” Well, she didn’t disappoint with her response of “I bet your house will be a lot more fun!” Truth!

That statement got my wheels turning. Suddenly I’m thinking about PURPOSE. How the hell did I go from a dust collecting treadmill to living my purpose? All I know is I was walking my dogs, and it popped in my head. The universe has its way of making shit happen. 

OkBadass seagull. - 9GAG here goes. My initial judgment about the treadmill was that it was somehow living better because it had a room in a million-dollar home, but it collected dust in reality. Talk about an Aha moment.

Is that what I’m doing? Am I collecting dust with my time here on earth? In the end the choice is ultimatley mine. So, what’s it gonna be? Am I going to be the french fry or the badass mf’ing seagull? Deep stuff.

No matter what you choose, always make sure you … Enjoy the Ride!

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  1. Lisa, we got rid of our treadmill about a year ago and our stationary bicycle last week. Both were in our attic. I think consignment shops make a fortune off wanna-be home work outs. Keep on walking – it is less expensive and you get to commune with nature or see your neighbors. Keith

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    1. Isn’t that the truth! I currently have my treadmill in the yard, which thank goodness has a privacy fence. I’m loving the outdoor vibe for now.


  2. Our ‘exercise room’ is really our junk room…. I want it to be a bedroom, but first the basement has to be cleaned and resorted, and then the exercise equipment and all the tools that have made it into the exercise room need to go back to the basement and that pile of things to be shredded? Oh, yeh, that needs to be done… until all that, the door remains closed and hidden and everyone thinks that it’s just another closet door…. hmmm…. coat hangers are for amateurs!! Use the whole room for clutter!!!

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  3. I have a exercise bike that I used to use regularly, but now it’s just a catch all for things we don’t feel like putting away. I plan to start using it again once I can get all these health issues behind me…

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  4. When I have had equipment, I used it. No dust was ever collected. As we continued to downsize there was less and less room for any kind of exercise equipment. Walking worked out well for quite awhile. Now I am 30 stories up with no place to walk or exercise. We have a couple of full gyms downstairs & a pool but they haven’t been opened up yet for for our use again. I am that french fry! I did find a something called a Cubii that fits under my desk for exercise. I ordered it and I am still waiting for it.

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    1. Well done friend, well done indeed!

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