Julie, If That’s Your Real Name

I’m off this week, and honestly, I’m not sure if it’s good or bad. My family is occupied being occupied, and the smiling face on my stuffed snowman is pissing me off. See what I mean?

I ventured out for some much-needed self-care. A mani, Pedi & brow wax is a good kickoff for the new year. Little did I know it was going to be a therapy session.

The second I sat down, Julie, If that’s her real name, made small talk by inquiring if I had a lovely holiday. My response was not much more than “eh,” and this is when she began lecturing me on the need to live every day. Good thing I didn’t mention I was already undecorated due to the unwanted smile of a stuffed snowman.

A woman sits in the chair next to me, and she is greeted like a celebrity, or maybe just a regular customer. In the nail salon world, they are one and the same.

Julie lights up with enthusiasm as she asks if a trip is planned. The woman, grinning from ear to ear, responds that she’ll be leaving for a 51-day Caribbean cruise. No doubt my shriek could be heard for miles.

While my toes were being loved beyond measure, I listened to every detail of her upcoming adventure. Talk about living every day.

The short version is her frequent cruising has enabled her to reach a certain status according to the world of The Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, allowing her to live it up for less than $100 bucks a day. The Titanic kept running through my mind.

I was still stunned as I sat down for my manicure. I let Julie know polish will not be necessary, just a manicure. She already got that memo implying more than once that my hands might have been digging ditches recently. I’ve never felt more like a gargoyle in my life.

Of course, my curiosity got the best of me as I examined the hands on either side of me. They were in my age range, so it seemed legit. The jury is back, and the verdict is that I might be lumberjacking, or I’ve been neglecting my hands. Hint, I don’t wear plaid.

Julie kept telling me to relax. So, after the 3rd time, I told her that I was settled. This was not the correct response. It was followed by a quick “no, no, no, you’re worrying. Enjoy this time for yourself.” My stiff hands were speaking some hardcore truth.

After that, I was hesitant to enter the waxing room. After being reminded again about my neglect, but now with a side of hot wax on my face. As always, once finished, I was prompted to look at the finished product. I gave a glance and said everything looked good. At this point, I should have known Julie better.

Julie stopped me from getting up, and she said, “no, get closer to the mirror and LOOK.” I wasn’t arguing. “No more worry, no more neglect for her.” I wasn’t sure if I should ask if she takes Blue Cross or tip big.

The universe is truly magical, and at times hilarious. I needed to hear these truths, and sometimes my squirrel-like attention doesn’t get it but throw me a weird situation in a nail salon, and I’m all ears. Well done.

Don’t ignore the messages carried by angels named Julie. Enjoy the Ride!

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  1. Yes, as they teach you in Alcoholics Anonymous when you come in on your knees, God speaks through other people, so Julie got the job. The other day a homeless man told me my zipper was down. I thought he was babbling, but then realized, nope…my pink thong was mooning everyone on Lexington Avenue.

    Nice that you’re writing again, and that you don’t wear plaid. 🙂

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    1. Hahaha! Thank you …. note to self “listen to the babbles”

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  2. Wow, $100 bucks a day to cruise on a petri dish. That would be a hard pass from me. I envy you for having enough brows to wax. I had to augment my little tufts with cosmetic tattoos.

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  3. My “therapist” is Vicky and I love her. I barely understand her but she knows exactly what I need when I go in for my pedicure. She works on my legs a lot. She laughs and tells everyone, “She likes me to hurt her”. It sounds bad but I believe she is the only thing keeping me walking.

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    1. I’m happy to know I’m not alone, and that we can these 2 for 1 deals. Happy New Year, Silk!

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