Table Talks

I’m not going to lie; I love a good purge. Especially when it’s over.

When we decided to downsize our home last year, we had to make big purging decisions. When we went from not finding a house to renting a one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment, those decisions were made for us. Thank you, universe.

After many donations and selling items that I would never think anyone would want, we were able to downsize our belongings to the things we use, those we love, and some that the jury is still out on.

One piece of furniture had to go, but not without a heavy heart, our dining room set. This arrived in our home after the death of my father-in-law. At the time, it was just a table and chairs, but that changed during its time at our abode. Love grows.

Oh, if only tables could talk, this one certainly would have a lot to say.

Over the years, many board games were played, puzzles built, parties and funerals planned. Cards written, family meetings held, milestones celebrated, food displayed, eaten, and served. Tears shed, laughter heard, challenging decisions, and many memories were made while sitting around a piece of wood with a leg chewed to pieces by our first puppy, who found it absolutely delicious.

Our children were very young at the time, so big family dinners were not a thing yet. The table mainly was used to celebrate birthdays. I have many photos of my children, with their little friends sitting in oversized chairs singing happy birthday. Just think about the last supper with cowboys and princesses.

The next phase of the table was homework, science, art, and craft projects. It became a place to wrap gifts, cool cookies, and leave baskets for the Bunny to fill. Meanwhile, the chairs were perfect for hanging bookbags, coats, lunch boxes, and purses over the years. I wonder if the chairs were as annoyed as I was about those coats.

We hosted a holiday gathering for our friends and neighbors for about five years. During this time, the table served as a buffet filled with pot luck dishes for everyone to enjoy. We would gather around asking about ingredients and listening to the stories behind them. My favorite was from our dear friend Tom, who is no longer with us. His famous mac & cheese with spicy stewed tomatoes always had a special place.

Now to the good part, hosting holidays. Wow, these years were something special. There were years where the table sat everyone ideally and years where we needed to extend into other rooms. But either way, they were filled with joy.

Long after dinner was served, the table was still hustling and bustling with conversations that ranged from politics to farts. Once you sat down, the magic began.

It was not easy parting with this set that became like a family member, as you can now imagine. At first, there were no takers. We concluded that young people today are not sitting around large tables; they are eating on the go.

Then, out of the clear blue came an offer for the chairs. Ugh, how can we separate the two? They are like peanut butter and jelly! And just like that, within hours, someone just wanted the table. It was meant to be.

A young couple with a newborn named Henry came for the chairs. They were young professionals who moved to the city from upstate Pennsylvania, ironically, about 2 miles from the original location of the set. They were over the moon to add the chairs to their new home, and we felt good that they would be loved.

The couple who came to pick up the table pulled up in a Toyota hatchback, which made me think, WHAT IN THE WORLD!?

When they came into the house, it was evident from their faces that they appreciated quality pieces. They expressed that they recently purchased an old farmhouse and were in the process of renovating. The table would be upcycled to be the centerpiece of their kitchen.

Somehow, he got the table, base, and two leaves inside that hatchback. Granted, the seats were on the dashboard, but he did it.

Life goes on, so Enjoy the Ride!

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  1. It is amazing how many memories accumulate around a single piece of furniture like your family table. I am sure you were sad to see it go but happy for its new home.

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    1. Isn’t that the truth. I had a rush of memories when she had to go, which is a lesson for many reasons.


  2. We did that when we downsized last year. I was distraught to get rid of my dining room table and chairs. They were beautiful cherry and in great condition despite being 35 years old. They held great memories. I kept the chairs and the corner cabinet (as of now) but my niece took the table when I offered it to the relatives. Now I can see it whenever I go to her house and I know it isn’t lonesome. It’s around lots of people. It’s funny how you can get attached to something. Still miss it.

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    1. I wish I had visitation rights. You are so fortunate that you get to witness new memories around your table. That’s a gift.

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      1. It really is. I loved that table. It was large so some of my houses were bought based on whether the table fit.

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      2. Haha! Exactly! I can’t tell you how many times I said that when we were looking for houses.

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  3. I love when special items find new homes where they will be loved.

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    1. Me too! I’m happy these pieces fell into the right hands.


  4. I love that the table is going in their kitchen. It found a good home.


  5. I just Googled photos of a T. Hatchback. It’s the teamster of wheels. Good to know.


  6. This warms my heart. It’s hard saying good bye to things that were a big part of your life. I have been downsizing for years. My biggest problem is He-Who never wants to let go of anything. His children never want any of the things that mean something to him and he can’t bear to give them up. Yard sales are heart breaking as things never mean as much to the bargain hunters. It sounds like you and the universe found the perfect solution.


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