Good JuJu Only

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I’ve been contemplating whether or not to go to the grocery store for way too long this morning. It’s not that easy anymore.

There are two more factors added this morning. The Eagles game, which I hear might be a big deal, and impending bad weather for this evening. This combo is enough to deter the strongest of shoppers.

I started looking around the kitchen to see if I really needed anything. I could use chicken stock, or I can just make something else. Hmm, maybe I don’t need anything. This conversation went on for way too long. I will never get this time back.

In my defense, going to the supermarket is now a full-blown event that requires decisions that have never entered my mind before 2020.

It was bad enough that I had to make sure I had a mask and hand sanitizer, but now, oh, it’s much more. I long for the days when it was just a mask.

Before I head out, I say a prayer of protection, load my bra with energy protecting crystals; yes, you read that correctly, then, and only then, do I grab my mask and sanitizer.

Covid is frail compared to the energy-sucking, opinionated audience I might encounter in the produce aisle. Some folks are looking for potatoes, and some are looking for a debate.

Believe me, I get the urge to debate; I’m just as frustrated. The never-ending confusion is enough to bring anyone to their knees. We are all tired of being tired. We can’t deal with asses too.

Needless to say, I did not go to the supermarket. Instead, I have a creative meal in the oven. I wrote this essay, and I didn’t have to put my bra on, let alone load it with chyrstals. Good juju only!

Enjoy the Ride!

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  1. I need some crystals! I did a quick grocery run (only 3 items) this morning with my 8 a.m. Starbucks run. It wasn’t busy yet but I did wear my mask. Foolishly during a period of low covid counts, I gleefully got rid of my sanitizer (which I am convinced has aged my hands!). I’m sure I have another gallon somewhere. I refuse to stock up on that. I am an eternal optimist. I may be a dead one but my tombstone will read “she thought it was over!”

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    1. Haha! Somedays I need a crystal suit. The only reason I have sanitizer is that it’s in the car. At this point, it probably has no active ingredients. My hands can’t handle it anymore.

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  2. Lisa, I will not ask about the crystals. I will say don’t go anywhere until you really need to. And, most of all, pick your debate battles. Some more strident folks are simply not worth effort. They are best left alone as you vacate the area. Keith

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    1. I do not engage in debates, especially with self-proclaimed geniuses.

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  3. We are all tired of being tired. Hear Hear!

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    1. An Amen is in order after that line.

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  4. Yikes, debates in the produce isle? That would turn me off grocery shopping even more than I normally am. Why do some people think the rest of us are interested in their opinion?

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  5. Exactly! I often think, why here, why today?

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  6. Grocery shopping is overwhelming on so many levels now. I have had to leave the store on more than one occasion to avoid a panic attack. My sister has taken to order groceries on line and having them delivered. I think we could all use some lessons on those crystals.


  7. Erm…bra full of crystals??


  8. It’s an adventure to venture out of your home. I relate, only no crystals for me, just a lot of prayer! Tried the order groceries, stay in car and pick up, but got so disgusted with what they chose. Felt like it was a waste of money.

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    1. I’ve been disappointed by that too. Some things need to be done by me, and that is one of them.

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