Sunny Skies

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Back in January, when we decided to move to another state, after 58 years of living not only in one state but one zip code, I knew things would be challenging. Correction, I did live in another zip code for the first 15 months of my life.

In October, we purchased a home to use as a second residence while renting our apartment at the complex I like to call “The Resort,” but the universe always has bigger plans. A heads up would be nice.

We landed at The Resort after selling our home of 30 years to our son and surrendering to the inflated, dog-eat-dog real estate market in our area. Sorry, you’re not getting my soul for a house.

A CURVEBALL ARRIVED just when I was getting used to the thought of weekend getaways and vacations at our home. BAM! A colleague of my husband’s announced his retirement in the same area where we purchased our home. He saw this as an opportunity served on a silver platter, while I saw more of a Taco Bell drive-thru moment. Yup, fear, and doubt were playing center stage.

I had more to think about in my defense, like leaving my job of 18 years. Oh, and let’s not forget MY CHILDREN. I compiled a list of excuses a mile long. I presented my case without a single dramatic courtroom moment and concluded that the jury had spoken; it’s time to pack your bags. Maybe it was just the thought of packing for the second time in a year.

Financially it was a no-brainer to make a move. Sentimentally, in my mind, it was just not happening. Meanwhile, I am the first to tell anyone, “why are you holding on to that?”

As the months and days went on, reality sank in that this was actually happening. But I just couldn’t trust that this huge life change was happening for me and not to me. Even though examples were in my face clear as glass every day, without fail. At this point, even the universe had its hands in the air.

What does a girl do when she just can’t seem to get a handle on trusting what’s best for her? Oh, she consults a Psychic. That’s right, folks, if Abraham Lincoln could do it, so could I. Google it; it’s a fact.

How did that go, you ask? Well, I’m currently sitting in my new home writing this post. We moved in over the weekend during a freak Nor’eatser storm. Drowned Rat Moving Company may be a new business venture.

All week I watched the weather report showing a Nor’easter with flooding rains and 50/60 mile an hour wind would be hitting the area. There couldn’t be a better metaphor for what I was leaving behind. Well played, Mother Nature, well played.

Typically I would have looked at this storm as “a sign” that we shouldn’t move. I’ve spent too much time and energy playing victim. Those days are over. Guess what else storms bring? SUNNY SKIES.

I’m entering this new adventure with an open mind, heart, and growth. This chapter is called: Knowing my Worth and Acting Accordingly.

It’s never too late to Enjoy the Ride!

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  1. Good luck at your new place!

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    1. Thanks, Twin! Hope you and the family are well.


  2. Yes, there are no victims just volunteers. It’s not easy to jump into change. Really. And this wasn’t exactly going from pumps to flats. This was HUGE!!! However, you sound clearer on the page in a way that’s fresh and positive, no wavering solid where you stand.

    You’ve reached the Promise Land, who knew it was in Delaware, that little humble state.

    I loved how you recapped making me feel I was right there at every fork in the road you so courageously took.

    I’m very happy for you and yes, it’s never too late to enjoy the ride.


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    1. Spoken like the one and only Grasshopper. Thank you for your kind words and encouragement.

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      1. Anytime…keep writing. JUST KEEP WRITING!!!

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  3. If it’s near a beach you need to find a house for me! After 15 months in my down-sized home, I’m getting used to the change. If it weren’t for ding dang contractors, I’d be much better but my dream is always to live near water (and not just a creek!).


    1. It’s near the beach, 6 minutes to be exact. I thought of you yesterday when I was stopped at a red light. I looked at the car next to me, and a cat was looking at me from the passenger seat. Standing up like a human, That was a first for!

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  4. Lisa, best of luck in your new setting. Remember, home is where you are. It is not a building. I hope you can make it feel even homier. Take care, Keith

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    1. Thank you, Keith. It’s finally starting to look homier and organized.


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