What’s Your Back Story?

Things are coming together nicely here at the new abode. Setting things up to make it our own. Incorporating some memories of the past with our new upcycled purchases. Facebook Marketplace is my new bestie.

I love the idea that our decor has a back story. Our Ethan Allen dining room set was formally residing in a “home” with a regulation-sized basketball court INSIDE next to the movie theatre. Oh, yeah, that was an, let’s just say, interesting transaction.

Susan, the woman selling this piece, interrogated me online like an FBI agent. I finally had to tell her that we are a middle-aged couple who are too tired to commit a crime, clean it up or run from it. Seriously, Susan!

When we arrived, she answered the door with her phone in her hand, air pods in her ears, and more than once, let us know that her husband was listening to the conversation. If fear were a person …

Once we passed her test, she started pushing other items for sale on us. Bye, Susan, bye-bye.

Needless to say, that experience left a mark, but humanity was restored when I hit the jackpot on a gorgeous 2-year-old retractable canvas awning to shade our enormous deck. I need to enjoy the deck, not fry eggs on it.

Anna had the most beautiful beachfront home in North Jersey and a heart to match. She was handing over this $14,000 plus awning, in mint condition, for a mere $700.00, and she threw in the custom-made cover to boot. She was no Susan, that’s for sure.

Maybe the salt air, her Italian heritage, or both made her so generous. All I know is Anna’s house was right out of Architectural Digest, and it was warm, welcoming, and filled with love. Her only request was a photo of us relaxing under the awning.

Next up, we needed some headboards. One, because we upgraded to a King mattress and handed the sleigh bed over to our son, and two, we now have extra bedrooms for when the kiddies visit. They better visit!

Once again, the Marketplace came through like a genie granting wishes. For $150 bucks, we landed two, like new, Ethan Allen twin headboards that match our existing dresser perfectly. The owner had them stored at Sprinkles, their ice cream shop, and gave us a cone of our choice on the house with the purchase. What more could we ask for at this point?

Well, I’m gonna tell ya. We still needed the king-sized headboard. The challenge was getting one that matched our cherry wood set without looking too Ralph Laurenish at our new beach location. Are you with me?

Just when I thought this would be an issue, Lauren, a young woman with a great sense of humor, posted the PERFECT piece for $100. She was posting for her mom Lisa, who we concluded was a fantastic person based on her name. Yes, my name is Lisa, so I know this to be true.

Today we are on our way to pick up yet another Ethan Allen piece. It is a beautiful cabinet, with a hidden desk for all our electronic devices/crap that we don’t want to expose. Amen!

This beauty has been for sale for four weeks. It is the last piece standing in a sold home that must be gone by tomorrow. Can you say deal of a lifetime?

I love the idea of second chances, backstories, and new beginnings, whether furniture or lifestyles; we can all Enjoy the Ride more than once.

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  1. I too am a fan of items in play that if could talk, the tales they could tell. Ethan Allen even if I won a bedroom set on a quiz show, would not interest me.

    Love the awning story. Love how she only wants a picture. My kinda girl.

    Your place sounds right out of Palm Beach. I see you on your deck in a chic sarong, the dogs in Speedos, mixing mai tais beneath your new awning who feels like a teenager again. So happy for you who really now has her topdown down right. 🙂

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    1. I’ve never had a thing for Ethan, yet here he is showing up at every corner. It’s the quality that we look for most. Honestly, the overpriced fake wood available in stores would barely survive the shipping.
      Anna is a gem!!
      Now that’s a nice vision indeed.

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      1. Generosity is right up there with grace and gratitude. And Anna, since receiving is in the giving, is on top of the world that you accepted her gift.

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  2. Wow! I never seem to have that kind of luck. Maybe it’s location, location, location. People selling around here have 1950s early American stuff that makes me barf. Or maybe a nice vintage piece that they painted neon green. Your new place sounds lovely.

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    1. Oh, you are correct. You must broaden your area. My sister, who is the Queen of great finds, taught me that lesson.
      Also, I hear you loud and clear on the neon painted wood .. what the hell?

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      1. I’ve heard it’s best to shop in Thrift Stores in wealthier areas as the selection is nicer!

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      2. That’s my next stop. There are quite a few in this area.

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  3. I love that you’ve been able to get such great pieces second-hand. I am not currently in the market for any furniture, but you’ve inspired me to check FB Marketplace out just in case (one never knows). I’m mostly jealous of your awning. We are about to order a custom-sized one for our deck. Like Anna, we want pictures.

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    1. We have always had awnings on our home, and I LOVE the look and shade. As soon as it’s up there will be photos! It was like hitting the lottery when I found it. Enjoy yours as well!

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