Small World

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“It’s a small world.” How many times have you heard this in your lifetime? I remember my parents saying it and thinking, “What are you talking about?” Now, here I am saying it at least twice a week! It’s official, I’m my parents.

The community had a huge yard sale on Friday and Saturday at the new abode. According to the neighbors, this is a twice-a-year function that is heavily advertised and equally as popular. Perfect timing for this professional box unpacker.

The weather was damp and rainy, but that did not stop the crowds. Yes, crowds. I made a good chunk of change selling crap left by the previous owners and some of my own crap. I’m very close to getting a “less is more” tattoo or t-shirt.

This lovely couple, Frank and Joanne, stopped by to browse yesterday. There was an instant connection. They had a good sense of humor, especially Frank’s quick wit. People could have been shoplifting, and I wouldn’t have noticed.

As we were exchanging backstories of how the hell we wound up in Lewes, DE, Joanne was surprised to learn that I had never vacationed in this area. I explained I’m a Jersey Shore girl, Ocean City. NJ, to be exact. Her parents lived in Ocean City, NJ.

I explained that my husband was familiar with this area through his job, and my only introduction was when we looked at this house. Now she is intrigued.

Joanne, “How do you just move to a place you’ve never been to?”

Me, “I don’t know, but here I am.”

Frank, “Wow, there’s more than one!”

Me, “You know someone else who just packed up to Lewes?”

Joanne, “Yes, our dear friend from college. She just called me one day and told me her boys were all out of the house; they sold their home in Villanova and bought a place in Lewes.”

Frank, “I asked her if she bought it on Amazon because she never asked us to check it out or inquired about the area.”

Joanne, “We couldn’t believe they made such a big purchase without a second thought.”

Me, “I looked at Frank’s Mount St. Mary College sweatshirt while Villanova and boys ran through my mind when I asked, wait a minute, what is your friend’s name?”

Joanne, “Marie _______ _______.”


Frank, “You know Marie?”

Me, “Yes, we were paralegals together back in the day and work besties.”

All of us, “OMG! It’s such a small world!” Along with laughter.

Frank takes out his phone, captures a photo of the three of us, and sends it to Marie.

We are all meeting for Happy Hour on Friday!

Enjoy the Ride!

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  1. That is a cool story. Yes, small world. One of the guys at my (now closed) gym sold his home and retired to Lewes, DE. I lived in Wilmington for 4 years and I just love Delaware. I have family here but if I didn’t…..

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    1. Wow! The world just keeps getting smaller. If I run into your gym friend I’ll let you know .. lol!

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      1. He’s a small guy, maybe 5’6″ but he used to do competitive body building stuff and remained fit. He’s attractive for a 70 something man.

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  2. There are no accidents as you so beautifully penned. Half the time these encounters are missed since, I can only speak for myself, with one’s head in the clouds. Awareness certainly comes with many bells and whistles.

    I enjoyed this, very much.

    Top is back!!!

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    1. None whatsoever, and this is proof. It’s incredible. You certainly have your share of encounters, that leave me with a whoa.
      Thank you!

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      1. We’ve probably always had them but didn’t realize it.


  3. Great story, Lisa.

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  4. Just what you needed. 🙂

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  5. That is a wonderful story! It’s amazing how interconnected we all are. Enjoy your happy hour!

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    1. The interconnection is mind blowing. Thank you!


  6. I love it when that happens! Have a wonderful reunion happy hour. My husband would say, that’s a divine appointment.

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    1. Thank you, Cathy! I will check out your new blog. Congratulations!

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  7. oh, btw, this is dearanonymousfriend, no longer anonymous and blogging on a different blog now.

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