There Goes That News Van

6abc Action News – WPVI Philadelphia

Well, it has finally happened. The moving blues might be settling in over here. I must confess that I miss my Local Newscasters, Meteorologists, and network. A LOT!

I have been watching WPVI, Channel 6 ABC, my entire life, so it’s a big deal to start watching other anchor people at this stage of the game. I feel like I’m cheating.

This isn’t a new feeling, but unfortunately, it’s a permanent one this time around. While on vacation, I was often left with that UGH feeling while watching local news channels. But then I got to go home, where my cool newscasters lived!

Maybe it’s just culture shock. Just thinking out loud.

I’m accustomed to the daily morning banter between the news desk, weather, and traffic reporters. They were the perfect four to send me off into the day. Not to mention easy on the eyes and fashionable.

Not that I want to be judgy Judy over here, but dear lord, stop giving me so much ammunition. All I’m going to say is I may never watch another weather report in my life. Dramatic? Well, a little.

Now, I’m not yearning for negative news, but there needs to be a gentle transition from overnight shootings directly to hampster rescues being “Big Stories.” A robbery? An accident? Throw me a bone.

If I heard this story once, I heard it 20 times in the course of the morning news. Along with the other “big” story regarding the opening of a Lavender Farm. This was day one.

Honestly, though, I can’t imagine the words “murder” or “shooting” coming out of the 16-year-old news anchor’s mouth. She was definitely hampster rescue appropriate and cute as a button.

After scanning around the other channels, which is another challenge that frankly requires a YouTube tutorial, I located a group that I might, just might, be able to tolerate. How is ABC not ABC just two hours down the road?

One thing that is holding me back from a true commitment is the anchorman’s name. I know it must sound petty, but is it? His name, you ask, is Jimmy Hoppa. See!

How often has he been asked, “did you say, Hoffa?” I don’t know whether to laugh or be impressed. So far, laughter is winning.

The silver lining is I have no idea what is going on in the world. Not a damn thing! But I know where to take unwanted hampsters and find lavender soap if anyone is interested. Hit me up.

I’ll be depending on my fellow bloggers to fill me in on important news like a meteor heading to earth, a mass awakening in D.C., empty seats on a UFO, or if something other than a hampster rescue needs my attention. Please write about it before the WiFi goes out.

Enjoy the Ride!

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  1. Lisa, here is the news in a nutshell:

    – more Americans died from mass shootings
    – white supremacists with guns is not good
    – Putin did not want countries to join NATO, so he took lame action to force them to do just that
    – an endorsement from a bullying, untruthful and seditious acting former president is not always a bad thing for strident candidates in primaries
    – women’s rights seem be under fire again
    – supply chain issues continue to exist due to pandemic restricted resources.

    Of course, we could repeat this news bulletin for several weeks and months.

    Best wishes on your new digs. Keith

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    1. Haha! Basicly the same loop for decades.

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  2. It’s funny how you get used to these people in our homes every day. I have recently returned to the area I was born and raised. I can still get all my Canadian stations but being on the border I grew up watching Buffalo News as well. It was considered “local” to Niagara area dwellers. Now when I turn on those stations I am getting Detroit. What’s up with that? I can throw a rock at Buffalo and it would take me six hours to get to Detroit. It makes no sense.

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    1. Well, there you go, whoever is in charge is insane! That truly makes no sense.

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  3. I’m surprised you don’t get the Philly stations! The news is the same every day but it happens to different people. I do like a little banter with my news. Actually I like a margarita or mocha with it too.

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    1. No one was more surprised than me that I can’t get my station.

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      1. I lived in NJ for a while. Only 1-1/2 hours from where I lived before but I couldn’t get Philly stations. I had to adjust to NYC news.

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  4. I clock in for work before any morning news show starts, so I don’t have to worry about things like this.

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    1. How lucky you are my friend.


      1. It doesn’t feel too lucky when my alarm goes off at 2:30 a.m. 😆

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      2. I’m such an early bird, but 2:30 is not morning in my book.


  5. Must have missed this. Won’t fill you in on New York news since, it might scare you. Example…I was on the train when a woman annoyed a man so much, he pulled a gun on her. Luckily he didn’t fire, but, you know the rest.

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    1. What in the world? It’s all hampster wheels and horseshoe crabs over here.

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      1. Today, I shouldn’t print this on your site. Maybe I’ll tell you in an email, but I saw something today that startled me to no end. I thought I was seeing things. Remember the Mad Max movies with Mel Gibson, that’s what New York is turning into. sigh


  6. It’s all bad news. Get on YouTube and watch puppy videos instead.


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