Simply 6 Minutes – Welcome to the Challenge: 5/16/23

Welcome to the 6-minute challenge!

The Prompt for 5/16/23 is:

My dad always said, “You’ll never get a job if you get a tattoo.” Well, Dad, I hate to break the news, but now that a good portion of the world has tattoos, yes, I can. In fact, I can be whatever I want.

Today I applied for a job to be one of those characters that entertain the kids at birthday parties so the parents can eat and drink for at least an hour without being interrupted. Of course, I went in expecting to be something cool like Batman or Ironman, but we can’t always get what we want. Isn’t that a song?

Anyway, all they had left was the Princess gig. Hey, you don’t get much cooler than someone who grants wishes, and the pay was good. So, dads out there, just note that your kids can get a job with tattoos, it might not be the job you want, but if it’s paying bills, making me happy, and giving parents that well deserved hour to swallow their food, I consider myself a success.

For the record, 5-year-olds are curious, not afraid of blue-eyed bearded princesses with a story to tell on their bellies. Fear is your hang-up.

Thanks, Christine, for setting the Simply 6 Minutes challenge.

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  1. theslippedside | Reply

    Lol…I call my freckles my natural tattoos lol. That’s all I need.

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  2. wonderful. You gave me a big smile to get the day going with. Many thanks.

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  3. Lisa, my lone related advice to your father’s is get tattoos that are less visible when you need them to be. One of our clients found out a colleague on our team had tattoos and inappropriately asked if he could see them. Her excellent retort was “None that I care to show you.” Her humor diffused what could have been a touchy subject.

    There are some jobs that will still not be available to those with significant tattoos. That is not right, but still exists. An old management professor has a story which I will paraphrase. If you don’t like the hiring practices, start a company and hire folks who only have tattoos. Keith

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    1. Hahaha! “If you don’t like the hiring practices, start a company and hire folks who only have tattoos.” Best advice ever!


  4. I kind of would like one but, I get so tired of things that I’ve realized it’s not the best idea. I remember once loving clogs. What if I had them permanently stapled to my feet.

    How would that look now in my Audrey dress?


    I was in love with a guy who had a HUGE turtle on his shoulder. It was as if there were 3 of us at all times. In bed, I’d ask him to keep his shirt on. I kid you not.


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