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Jack Frost, This Is Not A Threesome

What a week!


A Toast To Us!

We celebrated our 25th Anniversary a/k/a the Silver Anniversary on Valentine’s Day. Getting married on the one day when everyone comes together to celebrate love seemed like a good idea at the time. Not so much every year since when we try to get a dinner reservation.

Our son turned 21 on Wednesday and I turned my legal age on Friday. My mental age varies from 17 to 35. 

My husband surprised me with a weekend in NYC, knowing there is a strong possibility that I might adore this town more than him. He was a NYC virgin, so he wanted to check out his competition.

As you have probably heard by now, last weekend was the coldest on record. On RECORD!

These two lovebirds grabbed a big suitcase, loaded it as if we we heading to the Antarctic and hit the road. Nothing says sexy like a pair of long johns, said no one ever.


The Man I love in the City I Love

We arrived Friday afternoon when the weather was tolerable. After a nice meal at Sardi’s, followed by cocktails and dessert, we headed out to explore all the tourist spots. I do believe my boots earned travel miles.

It was spectacular! Watching my husband love it as much as me was priceless.


Chelsea Market

The next day we bundled up for a walk to The Chelsea Market. Walking allowed us to take in some of the world-class architecture that makes this section so special. I could see the hubby’s wheels turning with every piece of wrought iron.

We spent hours in the Market experiencing everything edible. Breakfast at Sarabeth’s, Halva at Seed & Mill, and a little something sweet for later from Li-Lac Chocolates. There are no calories when you’re celebrating love.

When we stepped outside Jack Frost was there nipping at everything nipable. TAXI! 

Greg wanted to go to Ground Zero, I could have passed on this stop, but I strapped my loved goggles on a little tighter and made the best of it. It was just a little too somber for me.                         


Lady Liberty Freezing Her Torch Off

This part of town sits right on the Hudson River, which is not exactly a warm spot. There are no words to describe the wind and cold. Wait .. I can think of two, and they both start with F! 

In order to thaw, we blew across the street to Brookfield Place, where I was greeted by a dog wearing beautiful leather boots and a Burberry coat. All I’m going to say about this place is, if it weren’t for my soul, I would really enjoy living like the 1%. 

Still shivering, we sat down in PJ Clarke’s to enjoy a bowl of soup, sip a cocktail or two, and admire Lady Liberty in the harbor. My poor girl out there in a dress with no coat!


Our Attempt At A Selfie

We ended this weekend sipping champagne, singing along with The Jersey Boys, eating cupcakes in bed and enjoying each other’s company. My cupcake never tasted so good.

The celebrations continue today with a birthday dinner for Zachary and mwah. We are looking forward to breaking with our offspring and their significant others. I’m sure they’re looking forward to us picking up the check!  

Cheers to the last 7 days! The brightest spot of winter so far!

Enjoy the Ride!




No Means No!

Why must there A L W A Y S be a price, even when something is F R E E?


Here’s my story sad but true…..


Once upon a time, there was a woman named Lee Wee with a birth certificate that claimed she was middle aged, but her spirit read young, ready and willing.

One day, in early December, her bestie scored some tickets to the Live With Kelly & Michael show in New York City, her most favorite cities of all.

The tickets were FREE or so they thought ….

Oh, how she longed to see her favorite city decorated in all its glory for Christmas. She was bursting with excitement just at the thought of this marvelous adventure!

As her bestie had dreams of meeting Kelly, Lee Wee had her focus on standing next to Michael and feeling short for 5 seconds!

So, in the wee hours of the morning, Lee Wee and her bestie ventured to the Big Apple in order to get to the studio by 7:00 a.m.

This was the first sign that FREE tickets aren’t really FREE.

They stood out on the dark cold street waiting patiently for the doors to open when suddenly rumors began to surface.

Rumors that one of the quests on the show was going to be none other than ….. Donald Trump.

girl-screamingLee Wee screamed in horror and refused to believe it to be true!!

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO she screamed when her new friends Ed & Sandy from Georgia confirmed it with a Google search.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO she screamed when she saw the words “Secret Service” on the jacket of the officer in the building.

“No No No No No!” She said as she stated “I will NOT be clapping for that ass!” “I did not get up at 2:47 to see HIM … NO!”

Laughter at her clear frustration ensued around her as she wondered if her afternoon would be spent in the custody of the FBI.

Sandy asked with laughter, and a southern drawl, “Well, who would you want to see today?” Lee Wee responded with a solid “Anyone else on this planet would be great!” A N Y O N E

Lee Wee was in such deep denial at this point that she continued asking anyone with a pulse if it were true, even though all the evidence was crystal clear and her belongings were just searched by a Secret Service Agent.

First she asked the bathroom attendant who rolled her immigrant eyes, sighed and said … ‘yes.”

Next she asked the gentlemen at the desk who responded with a solid … “he sure is.”

Last but not least she asked the young man at the t-shirt kiosk who sadly stated, “yes! and it’s been the worst day of my existence as an employee.”

Lee Wee returned to her place in line defeated. She was about to enter a private hell.

There she was stuck in a LIVE studio, unable to rid her corneas and ear drums of the poison that was about to be forced upon her for the next HOUR.

Lee Wee sat in horror as she spotted DT right in front of her as he waited in the wings to hit the stage. She knew seeing that “hair” in person wasn’t going to be easy, but what she didn’t expect was for him to SPIT on the floor before walking out.

So it’s true kids, money can’t but class!

While everyone stood up, as they were told to do, she remained seated with folded arms in protest of his presence.

After what seemed like an eternity listening to this ass trying to convince images.jpeghimself that he was a “good person” Lee Wee was ready to move on.

The audience was filled with a majority of like-minded people and Lee Wee found it joyfully painful watching the producer waving his hands like a drowning fish to get the audience to applaud, as she silently chanted “no means no!”

FINALLY! The Donald left the building. Lee Wee began to smile, and the world was good again.

Lee Wee and her bestie spent the rest of the day soaking up everything this grand city had to offer in true best friend fashion while they … Enjoyed The Ride! 









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