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The Winner Takes All

Last night I had the pleasure of attending a benefit for the brother-in-law of an old friend. It was the “Have A Heart” fundraiser for Bill Nolen. Bill is in need of a heart transplant and is currently waiting on the list for potential recipients. This process sounds very simple by using terms such as “getting on a list”,  but it’s actually much more complex than you could ever imagine.

I know this all to well because my brother didn’t make “the list”, he wasn’t up to the commitment required to be a recipient. You either have the determination or you don’t. He passed away 4 years ago this August, after proving the doctors’ wrong on just how long he would continue to live his life, on his terms. That’s all I can say is…ignorance is indeed blissful.

My friend, who I’ll refer to as K, has not been a part of my life since Grade School, when we would occasionally be seated next to each other during our 8 years together. If you asked me today to remember something about her from that time, it would be that she was always laughing. She has not lost this trait! 

We reconnected via Facebook yea social media because she also writes a blog http://fridaynightfamily.com. It was love at first read for me, so a friend request was sent and bam the rest is history.  There were others at the benefit from grade school as well, which certainly completed the recipe for a grand ole time. One of my long-lost class mates said “I know who you are, you haven’t changed a bit.” Dear God, I hope she was referring to the 1st though 5th grade me and not that ugly, awkward 6th through 8th grade period that I would prefer to keep buried…ugh.

As you know I’ve been going through some changes in my life. Struggling daily to regain the “me” back now that I’ve received my Pink Slip as chauffeur, school volunteer and doer of things that need to be done around these parts. I suddenly have “free time” for “me time” however, filling it has been much more difficult than I anticipated. Where the hell did all my ideas go..I swear I  use to have ideas. It certainly takes practice getting back what you lost….yourself.

Over the years I have earned a Doctorate in “Excuse Making” with a Masters in “Talk Yourself Out Of It”, whatever “it” may be. However, when the changes started rolling into my life, I made a conscious decision to start putting those to better use while I focus on my “F It … Just Do It” and “Be In The Moment” degrees. I’m not going to lie, this is no easy task.

This benefit for Bill was the perfect opportunity to jump back in and be me for an evening. Actually it was a much-needed WE for the evening. The fact that it was for a good cause, well that just made it even better.  It was a win/win for sure. Oh, speaking of winning…….LOOK WHAT WE WON!

That’s right, we came home with these two beauties loaded with all sorts of goodies, including wine.  Seriously, does it get any better?  Um, yes as a matter of fact it does. Not only were WE winners…our whole table won! I totally get the whole Charlie Sheen addicted to winning thing … I do. My name is Lisa and yes, I’m a winaholic. 

I won the LARGE  GIGANTIC basket, that my friend K just happened to make. I was asked to pull the next winning ticket, because that’s what winners do…we spread the joy. I picked the number of my friend at the table, who also won a basket made by K. Let’s just say the pointing fingers, slanting eyes and jealous comments from the losing side of the room, only enhanced our luck. 

There was way too much positive energy at our table to let the big green monster ruin our fun as we strutted up to collect the next 4 BASKETS and a DOOR PRIZE!  There is nothing like feeling like a freaking Rock Star from Mars! 

Of course the real winner of the evening was Bill. I don’t even know Bill, but I learned something very important about him last night…he is loved by many. The love was evident on all of the faces in the room. It resonated in the delicious food, the beautiful baskets and in Bill’s eyes when he stood next to his wife, who graciously thanked all of us for attending on his behalf.

Thanks to Bill I have a much better understanding of what I’ve been missing in my life….LIVING. Take time to love your family, appreciate your friends, embrace opportunities and ….Enjoy the Ride! 

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