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Summer, Summer, Summertime


It’s finally here in all it’s glory…WHOOT!  


Grab a friend and hit the beach.


Be a BadAss in a tutu…you only live once.


Do what you love, love what you do.


Let your inner child run wild.


Try something new. (These ladies set the bar pretty high)

Vintage Snapshots of Summer Fun on the Beach (16)

Summer isn’t going to last forever, so hang on tight and Enjoy the Ride! 


Mission Over Accomplished

IMG_0923I’m finally reporting in on my Random Acts of Kindness mission. Never in my life has it taken me this long to spend $50.00! One haircut a *Poof* it’s gone.

First things first, I had to cash the check. I decided on one dollar bills for easier distribution. Just for the record, if I won the $500,000,000 there is a very good chance that I would at least ask to see it in ones…maybe roll around in it…naked….because that’s what the rich & famous do. Ok, back to reality. 

Next task at hand was reading through all of the brilliant suggestions that poured in from my faithful followers. I must say these readers had some great suggestions. That’s a clear sign there are some good eggs in this world!

Kate over at coffeekatblog shared that if she won the big lottery she would put a wing on her favorite pet shelter. Well Kate, I only won 50 bucks but I hope you’ll be happy with my decision. I was at the pet store to purchase food for the king of the house when I noticed a table set up at the front of the store. I inquired and was informed they were selling little bundles that consisted of a can of food with a toy that would be donated to local pet shelters. BINGO!  Thanks to Kate’s inspiration one dog & one cat at the shelter will have a Merry Christmas this year! $4.00 down $46.00 to go.

Next I took 5 one dollar bills, placed them into envelopes with a message and some smiles. DAF over at dearanonymousfriend and Benz over at benzeknees both suggested treating someone to a cup of coffee. This gave me the great idea to strategically place these envelopes at the Java IMG_0925Joe’s coffee cart in our building. Employees, patients and visitors stop by the cart during the day, many times for a much-needed break.

The other day when I stopped for a chai, the young girl at the cart told me about the “secret envelopes.” She took a picture of them with her phone and was clearly excited about the whole experience. She did share that one woman came down from visiting her mom in the hospital. Her mom was craving a “good” cup of coffee, but the daughter didn’t have any cash on her and the cart doesn’t take plastic. The woman used one of the “secret envelopes” and the young girl picked up the balance. Smiles all around on that note! $9.00 down $41.00 to go.

IMG_0939The idea of leaving a cheery note along with the cash came from Lynne over at Free Penny Press. So, in the spirit of surprises I took 6 more one dollar bills, placed them in envelopes with some smiles and taped them on the vending machines in the lobby. Sweets & Drinks on me. $15.00 down $35.00 to go. I also made 5 more random envelopes with happy messages and left them on the windshields of some battered looking cars in the parking lot. $20.00 down $30.00 to go.

My next idea came after noticing a frazzled young mother on my street. I remember those days all too well. This time of year the little ones are on a Christmas high that usually leave parents begging for 5 minutes of quiet time.

I took $10.00 to the Dollar Store and picked up Christmas coloring IMG_0943books & crayons and left them on the doorstep of homes with small children on my block. I included a note from Jingle, one of Santa’s elves, instructing them to color a picture and leave it for Santa. Hopefully that gave those parents at least 30 minutes of peace. $30.00 down $20.00 to go. My daughter was happy to play the part of Jingle for the delivery.

My husband and I stopped for lunch at a Panera. While we were there I noticed a young girl cleaning tables and organizing dishes. She was working hard to ensure that her area was spotless. Kathy over at fridaynight family suggested over tipping a server. Although this young girl was not a server, she was very friendly and hardworking. I left her an envelope on the table with $2.00 thanking her for efforts. $32.00 down $18.00 to go.

Next up was Dave over at Blog of Funny Names who suggested tipping someone who makes minimum wage. As I was loading my groceries into my car, a young man came over to get my cart. He and his co-workers were gathered in the parking lot heading to retrieve ALL the carts that were left far away from the store. Honestly, it takes 5 seconds to walk the cart back  people. I gave them each $2.00 for their hard work out in the cold. $38.00 down $12.00 to go.

IMG_0972Another fine idea came from Julia over at Julia B Whitmore’s Blog Schrodinger’s Cat is Alive. Julia suggested spreading some kindness to those holiday opportunities that we see on the street every day. I see a young woman on my way to work holding a battered sign stating “Newly homeless and hungry.” I don’t know if she’s legit or not, but I’m not her judge.  I gave her $5.00 and she gave me a heartfelt thank you. $43.00 down $7.00 to go. Julia also suggested a donation to the Salvation Army Bell Ringers. Oddly enough I hadn’t come across one until Friday. $2.00 in the bucket! $45.00 down $5.00 to go.

The last $5.00 was put into envelopes with a simple message “Random Act of Kindness Pass It On.” I was trying to put these in just the right places. Hence the delay in finishing the mission. Then I thought there really isn’t a right or wrong place, so I went with my gut. One was left in a ‘Thank you” card at the Hallmark store. One was left on the counter at the post office. That decision was made after standing in line for over 45 minutes with a crew of  Bah Humbugers. Next up an envelope strategically left in a magazine at the check-out, one inside a news paper and the last one amongst the toys at the Dollar Store.

Mission over accomplished with 32 Random acts completed! Heart refilled with joy and ready to Enjoy the Ride! 


Whoa…..flying your Freak Flag is exhausting! This weekend started off fairly normal on Friday with food shopping, a dentist appointment, visiting mom and a trip to the Mall with my daughter.  On Saturday I had plans to go see my nephew’s band play at the TLA (Theater of The Living Arts) here in Philadelphia. MACH22 wasn’t hitting the stage until 10:00 pm, so I had to rest up before the big event by chillaxing at the homestead.  I wrapped it up Sunday with the hubby, breakfast and a looooong ride with the top down.

On Saturday I finally finished a book I received for my birthday in February…so pathetic that it’s taken this long. It was the autobiography of Steven Tyler …”Does The Noise In My Head Bother You” a Rock ‘N’ Roll Memoir.  Now, I was never a hardcore Aerosmith fan or anything, but I did master drawing their logo all over my copy books in high school.

Recently I became interested in Steven Tyler after watching an interview he did with Oprah. I was immediately captivated by his honesty, which also resonates throughout this book. If you’re admitting to smoking a comb, yes a comb as in the one you use for your hair, it’s safe to say you’re an open book. The admission was a very nonchalant “I’ve smoked combs for chrissakes.”  Which left me with one question … “How the HELL are you still alive?”

I learned that Steven is not just a Rock Star, he is musically gifted. His father, who studied at Julliard, taught him the importance of listening to the notes. Music runs through his veins and fills his soul…that is passion friends. I think he wears his passion well…looking pretty dam good still ROCKIN out at 64. Dream On indeed!

Next on the Freak Flag agenda…MACH22. My daughter and I headed to the city for the show. Whew and what a show it was! I was standing at the foot of the stage in amazement as I watched Ty bring his Les Paul to life. There was a moment when I was emotional…I just couldn’t believe that the sound coming from that instrument was caused by the hands of my nephew. That guitar was singing a song one chord at a time…dam!

They rocked the faces off of the audience, who were begging LOUDLY for an encore! I really wouldn’t want to be the next band up…that’s for sure.

It was the first time they had merchandise at the show sporting their logo. I was working the room offering FREE boxes of matches to the audience.

Young people are not very receptive to FREE merchandise, they actually seemed scared. It’s not like I was spraying them with perfume for god sakes! However, the doobie smokers were more than happy to receive a free light.

I concluded that the $4.00 bottle of water, ringing ears and newly acquired deafness were well worth the magic I witnessed!

Sunday, the day of rest…NOT, was spent with the top down. The hubby wanted breakfast, but we were slow to move and settled for Brunch at the Washington Crossing Inn.

The Inn is very beautiful and historic. I could have done without seeing the enormous flat screen TV amongst the historic decor, but that’s just me. We were able to dine outside, which was a treat on such a beautiful day. The food was delicious, or as the hubby said “over priced” and the conversations surrounding us delightful.

I am wired for sound and can hear a conversation across the room. This can be very entertaining, especially when a father announces to a table of his peers that he will be saving $17,000 this year because his son is going to commute. He was scared living in a co-ed dorm with half-naked girls walking the halls. Let’s just say that justification probably sounded so much better in his head.

Next stop was through New Hope and then Doylestown where they just happened to be shooting a movie called The North Star. Needless to say we didn’t bring our head shots, so we had no chance of being an extra and were forced to continue along the open road. So long Hollywood….you had your chance.

By this point the sun was blazing, my Freak Flag was practically pleading to be shoved into the closet and I was ready to R E L A X.

All good things must come to an end folks, but some weekends require an ENCORE … Enjoy the Ride! 

Love Me NOT

As I was weeding the garden I discovered something very important about myself…I really love NOT weeding the garden. Of course I continued the dreaded task at hand, while pondering the entire time on all the other things that I love NOT doing. Hmm, I guess I’m not surprised at the list, maybe just the length.

1. I love NOT weeding the garden. (Rashes, Bites & Dirt…it’s not soothing)

2. I love NOT camping. (Amenities people, amenities)

3. I love NOT being on my knees in the dirt. (Retraction: That depends….)

4. I love NOT wearing Crocs. (I’d only be mistaken for a Monster Truck) 

5. I love NOT listening to Country music. (I don’t need to explain myself)

6. I love NOT cooking on hot days. (This could also include warm & cold days)

7. I love NOT being on a schedule. (I enjoyed that ONE time, I really did)

8. I love NOT getting bit by insects. (I’m a human bug buffet)

9. I love NOT shaving my legs in the Winter. (Instant leg warmers)

10. I love NOT watching sports. (It’s like watching a moving math equation)

11. I love NOT being appropriate. (Sorry, there is humor in the good execution of a fart and/or discussion of a fart)

12. I love NOT being Republican. (Please)

13. I love NOT cleaning the bathroom. (Watching the hubby do it is pretty much foreplay)

14. I love NOT being uptight, ridged or having a “stick up my ass” face. (Ugh, miserable f’ers)

15. I love NOT listening to bull shit. (Fabrications to enhance a boring tale are welcome)

16. I love NOT listening to FOX News. (Honestly, there are too many reasons to list)

18. I love NOT having to watch Barney the MOFO dinosaur. (I don’t love you)

19.  I love NOT being PC. (Soooooooo boring)

20. I love NOT wearing underwear. (Wait!  what? … Gotcha)

I loved NOT having to use too many brain cells writing this, which gave me some much needed free time to … Enjoy the Ride!

Flowers for Friday

Last week Judy over at the wonderful Blog Raising the Curtain presented me with the Sunshine Award. Little did she know that the Gerber Daisy just happens to be my most favorite flower in all the land, which makes this award extra special indeed.

Just look at that pretty lady holding her head up high, confident that her stem will have the strength to withstand storms that come her way, knowing that no matter what her colorful face will create smiles to all those lucky enough to catch a glimpse.

Did you know that the Gerber is the 5th most popular flower in the world? Well it is, right behind that bitch Rose who is always stealing the spotlight with her “look at me” attitude.  Rose is so overdone & boring, the Kim Kardashian of flowers as far as I’m concerned.

Next we have the trusty Carnation, she’s cheap and serves a purpose. She finds her way into almost every event trying to shine next to the more popular flowers in the arrangement. She’s the always the bridesmaid never the bride of the flower world.

Look who’s next Chrysanthemum, the name just screams la de freaking da! She’s been around a long time, since the 15th century to be exact. She has no interest in being number one on some list that was obviously created by minions. There is no need to announce great beauty, her presence in the bouquet speaks for itself.

Number 4 is the Tulip, the tease of the bunch. This girl loves to get the juices going. She arrives in early Spring, makes her presence known, wows the crowd then it’s out-of-town until next year. She leaves everyone wanting just a little bit more….

Finally we have the Gerber, the most distinguished of the crew with her large flowering head. She just loves her bright colors of pink, yellow, orange and of course ruby-red. As soon as she enters a room it immediately fills with happiness. How could it not? Look at her…she oozes cheerfulness. That’s my girl!

We all have our own unique way of making this world a more beautiful place. As for me, it’s making people laugh or smile to brighten their day, even when I can’t brighten my own…it just feels good. Just call me Daisy, Gerber Daisy that is…

Now, lets get down to business and answer some questions.

What is a real fear you have?  Heights, for me there is just no purpose being for on top of anything that causes, ear popping, spinning or nausea.

How would you describe yourself?  A work in progress.

What Countries have you lived in?  Only the U.S., but the way things are going, I will admit I’ve looked at alternatives. No, I’m not going to the moon with Newt…for god sakes people I’m not insane. 

What is your style?  Classic with a dash of contemporary and a smidgen of retro.

What is your favorite breakfast food? Waffles with fresh fruit and powdered sugar.

What are some of your hobbies? Reading & writing this blog.

If you could tell people anything, what would be the most important thing to say?  Lying is not worth the price.

What is one of your passions?  Youth. I am always energized by being in the presence of young people, they leave me feeling happy & hopeful.

What is the one truth you have learned? Doing what’s Right is rarely popular and harder that you could imagine, but it’s the only thing that will actually encourage change.

Friday Fun Fur

Star of the Blog….CHESTER

Look who is featured here on Fun Fur Friday, Chester my Beagle. Chester is his official name, however it’s been replaced by…Pop, Pudding Pop, Popsicle, Sickle, Sickle Cell Anemia, Buddy, Bud, Friend, Chess, Woo Woo Waa Waa and Little Littles.

Don’t judge I happen to come from a family of name changers, it’s in the genes, it’s what we do. Yes, this includes yours truly a/k/a … Lee Wee.

My mother was calling for me back in the day, but I didn’t want to go in just yet, so I hid behind a car with my friends (giggling). On her 3rd attempt to get my attention, you guessed it …”Leeeeeeeeeeeee Weeeeeeeeee come on honeybun it’s time for bed…Leeeeeeeee Weeeeeeee! (giggling)” Mothers’ always get the last laugh.  It’s all a blur other than crawling home and being dubbed Lee Wee from that point on.

Hater’s gonna hate.
I didn’t ask to be this cute…it just happened.

To your left is Chester’s baby picture. At a mere 9 weeks old he is sitting in a planter we had in the yard. He climbed in there on his own and I was so mad that I didn’t have a little sailor hat…ugh. He was cool with not having the hat, I’m still not.

Simmer down…simmer down. I’m already sitting on the step, because I want to Sit On The Step … Campeche?

To your right is the Toddler stage. The never-ending guessing game. Do you want to sit on the step? Do you want to go in? How about some water? Walk? Do you want to go for a walk? Do you have to go pee? poop?  I still expect answers…I am such an optimist.

Chester’s “CAT” phase ended when his ‘growth spurt” caused him to require assistance getting in the window.

We all love the Teenage stage, what’s not to love. Going through those wonderful experimental stages of wanting to be a Cat, staying up late, sleeping until well after noon and my favorite…defiance or as you like to think…independence.

It wasn’t easy watching you walk without the security of the leash, but we had to let go and trust you wouldn’t run. Not that you would ever leave your food source.

No doubt Chester was up late watching that special on
Animal Planet…AGAIN!

Long gone are the days when we chased after you as you bolted for a rabbit, knowing you never had a chance. Yet we were RUNNING. 

We no longer hear you running up and down the steps howling during a good game of hide-n-seek anymore. The days of chasing your orange ball are few and far between. We won’t mention how you somehow muster up the energy of a puppy for any form of food….just sayin.

The only thing missing is the yellow “Crime Scene” tape.

Finding a sunbeam is one of your favorite pastimes. Laying on the step like a rock for hours and scaring the crap out of the neighbors is priceless. Always a character.

Middle age has set in and suddenly you’ve taken on the personality of Walter Matthau in Grumpy Old Men. You still enjoy people and other dogs … from a distance.  You are set in your ways, your schedule is etched in stone and your happiest moments are sitting outback with your human counterpart. 

Middle Age at its best..

I’ve come to the conclusion that my parenting and pet raising methods are very similar. I enjoy the security of a leash. Chess is pushing 49 in dog years and I still worry about him running into the street. Honestly, does the word “run” even cross his mind? 

The kiddies are growing up, my grip has loosened on the leash and my sense of security has been turned over to…Faith. Hey, I can always step on the leash if I drop it! …. Enjoy the Ride!

A Flock of Fortune

As I watched the 48 Septa Transit workers collect their Power Ball winnings, I have to wonder..hey, what about me?  I should
certainly have won the big ticket by now, what’s the hold up universe?  Oh, that’s right, you must play to win..I hate details.

Honestly though, I should just be finding random bags of loot on every corner at this point.  People should be flocking to me trying to rub my head for a smidgin of my good fortune. Why you ask…Bird Poop…that’s why.

When Bird Droppings Land On Your Head 

Many people believe this to be a major sign of wealth coming from heaven. Although, it is really yucky and a major inconvenience, when something like this happens to you, take comfort in the fact that this is described as good luck being just around the corner! In fact, most things associated with birds tend to spell good fortune, such as when birds fly to your home and start making nests in and around your house.  Birds bring good news and opportunities. 


I always have Morning Doves nest in my window boxes. I’ve had a bird fly into my car and just sit on the dashboard like a bobble head, and I’ve had a crow…yes a crow in my house…in the city. Strangely enough, birds have always freaked me out, especially after what I’m about to reveal.

It was lunchtime and my friends decided to stop in a store, while I waited for them outside. Suddenly there was a splash that hit the sidewalk. I honestly thought a construction crew spilled a can of paint..it was that loud. Sadly it was a SPLASH of bird droppings. There I stood, shocked and drenched in bird poop..on my 45 minute lunch break none the less.

Just when you think it can’t possibly get worse…oh, indeed it can.  Now, I’m not only drenched in bird poop, I have (2) men in a pick-up truck, barley breathing from laughing so hard and waving a TISSUE out of the window. The passenger musters up enough air to say..”hey, do you know that’s good luck?” Well, if that were true, you would have already vanished or provided me with the BATH SHEET necessary to remove this shit!  

1 2 3…POOP!

Now, my friends come out and are stunned at the site of me, but of course laughing.  These are the friends I have in my life…laugh first…help second.  If statements like “what are going to do?” followed by more laughter, is considered help.

We look up to determine just how many or what kind of bird does it take to create this amount of damage. Is there a Teradactyl hanging off the side of the building?  By the way, I would be fine with that ending.

FYI, apparently it takes about 25 pigeons, who no doubt spent the morning scarfing up day old burrito scraps in a Taco Bell parking lot, before flying into town to take a well organized, simultaneous poop…just for some laughs.  Oh, trust me, pigeons think they’re hysterical..in a NOT FUNNY pull my finger kind of way.

Here is where the story gets even more bizarre than the gallons of poop falling from the sky. I actually went to a store, purchased an outfit, changed clothes and rinsed my hair in a sink. Headed back to the office with a wet head and new clothes and … NOT ONE PERSON NOTICED!  To this day it boggles my mind.

Although I didn’t hit the lottery following this lunchtime horror show, I did get a unexpected job offer and I was introduced to my husband. Not bad for 45 minutes of hell.

So, the next time you see a pigeon heading your way…open your arms and shout …”Bring It On you feathery flock of fortune…Bring It On!”  Enjoy the Ride!

Fun Fact Friday

1967, The Jimi Hendrix Experience appeared on UK TV’s Top Of The Pops’ .  Jimi gave his unscripted opinion on the music that made it to the top. No filters, no PR waving their hands trying to make him stop talking …nothing but an honest answer to a simple question.

However, I did notice that Jimi tended to use the descriptive words, beautiful, pretty and ridiculous (in a good way) repeatedly throughout the article for his  positive feedback and a very mild “Musicwise, I’m sorry, but I just don’t care for them”  as the negative, when referring to the Monkees.

This BadA$$ with a guitar was a gentle soul or maybe it was the LSD talking, who knows. What I do know is that … it isn’t such a bad thing.

This lead me to ponder the idea of perhaps putting a little LSD into, I don’t know, the ventilation system at The Capital. I believe it could be a game changer.

John: Nancy you are beautiful.

Nancy: John you are ridiculous.

The possibilities are endless…..Enjoy the Ride!

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