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Cave 219 Unit A

fullsizeoutput_2473For as long as I can remember I’ve been required to complete some sort of form before my entrance into a school, hospital or doctors office. So why is this practice suddenly considered a personal attack on freedom? I have a few ideas.

Well, for whatever reason, people seem to be relating this procedure as a personal infringement on their rights as an American citizen. Hmm, I wonder where they could have gotten that idea?

As some of you may already know, I work in the healthcare system where I am in the presence of the public on a daily basis. Feel free to send words of encouragement. 

So, as you can imagine, my days have been a real joy ever since people decided that every question presented, including NAME, has a hidden agenda. Items that have been routinely asked for DECADES I might add!

There seem to be (2) questions that set people off on a personal protest, lecture or aliem_soapboxcomments on everything unfair. Let me introduce you to race and ethnicity. Again, why?

Um, first of all, it’s evident to anyone with eyes if you’re black, white, orange or blue and secondly, you do have the FREEDOM to not answer the questions. Places do exist where options are not a thing, and this isn’t one of them.

Recently a new patient completed his form and vigorously crossed out ALL of the race selections to write A M E R I C A N across the page. Where does one begin?

Do I ….

a) Inform him that “AMERICAN” is not a race or an ethnicity unless you are in fact a NATIVE. Based on his white hair, blue eyes and Fighting Irish jacket, I’m going to risk stating that his ancestors were not the hot guys in loincloths at the first Thanksgiving.

b) Ask WTF does that mean? Outloud!

c) Earn an Oscar nomination for exhibiting an extreme level of control while in the presence of an ass. Is there a category for “best poker face?”

See you on the red carpet folks! I have bills to pay ya know.

Next up are the folks who REFUSE to complete the ethnicity portion of the form, which is fine, and again, you have that right. In fact, there is even a little box that says DECLINES TO PROVIDE.  

4534673-Cartoon-prehistoric-man-before-cave-color-illustration--Stock-IllustrationNO ONE, especially me is forcing you to reveal your heritage. However, one does not have to be Nancy Drew to solve that mystery or at least come close. I don’t think I’ll ever understand what makes people tick. 

My faith in humanity weakens when I think about the passion associated with these “protests” and how that energy is wasted on something so senseless. Ugh!

Do they realize that their name, address, social security number, phone numbers, employer information, marital status and the name of a family member for an emergency contact have just been delivered on a silver platter, which dramatically weakens their argument and provides enough evidence to trace their roots back to a cave?  Dear Lord!

Use your energy wisely and as always, Enjoy the Ride!


Give Them Something To Talk About

Living in a community surrounded by caring neighbors, where people look out for one another and genuinely care about the safety and well-being of all residents is wonderful, so please don’t get me wrong with what I’m about to reveal. This sense of community always comes with a price and in this case, it’s the line where caring and down right nosy meet.

Currently, I am dealing with the type of nosy that puts Mrs. Kravitz to shame. My situation is more of a Kraviseal.  This is a Mrs. Kravitz/Navy Seal fusion that leaves nothing off the list of questions or a means to get the answers. If you have a nosy neighbor or if you’ve been, lets just say in a prison environment, you can relate to my dilemma.

The Kraviseals know more about my life than I do!

WTF is that?

The Kraviseals know what time all of my family members leave the house each day and what time we return. The Kraviseals regularly scope out the house to see if we’ve added any new fixtures or decorations and peak in at any opportunity to get a glimpse of who knows what.  I wish so badly that I had a purple unicorn in my living room, I really do, but honestly my life isn’t that interesting.

Dang..what's next
water boarding?

After a long day I just want to sit outside with my dog and enjoy the evening…is that really asking too much?  Within seconds of settling in I am pounced on and interrogated by the FBI, oh, not that one, the more elaborate Fact Finding-Busy Body-Intrusive Investigative sort.  I sit there silently chanting…name, rank and serial number as I’m being DRILLED with the who, what, where, when, whats and hows about everything and anything. I’ve tried silence, changing the subject and sadly hiding behind closed doors…there is NO getting the hint…ever. If I am spotted, it’s back to busy body business as usual…no shame.

They have a flat screen..I knew it!

At first I thought well, it is nice to know that someone is watching the house during the day, but this sort of “watching” is just that, there is no concern. I don’t want to come home and hear “Oh, there was a burglar in your house today and they took the T.V.”  No stopping the crime, or perhaps leaving the window to call the police…just watching (probably eating popcorn) and reporting anything and everything. She could have dusted that thing before it was stolen.

It became very clear the other night that I was being creeped upon by the Kraviseals via my Facebook. Interesting I thought …very freaking interesting indeed.  There was the slip and it was quickly retracted along with some stuttering and forgotten…or so they thought.  Sooooo….Let’s give them something to talk about. A little mystery to figure out.

I thought I would just let the truth be known right here on this Blog, which just happens to be public on my Facebook. How is that for convenient?  Now it can be read, absorbed and hopefully understood that the intrusive behavior is not only unkind, acceptable or necessary, it’s an indication that your excessive extra time could be put to better use. Volunteering for the local Town Watch sounds ideal to me.

ALERT:  The grass is not greener over here, same weeds, crabgrass and dandelions.

So just relax…away from the window and please … Enjoy The Ride!

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