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Caps Lock Crazy

I’ve noticed a trend recently that has really taken off like wildfire. No, you won’t find  in on the pages of Vogue or on the runways in Paris, but you can certainly find it everywhere else.

Divide & Conquer are hitting the streets hard and the Social Media even harder as we get closer to November 6th. Can you say Caps Lock and Crazy? 

On Monday I made a comment on a conservative friends Facebook wall. I just couldn’t leave well enough alone. She posted a photo, paid for by the Romney campaign, regarding high gas prices. I simply stated “Who holds the largest vested interest in Oil in this country? Hint: He doesn’t live on Pennsylvania Avenue.”  Nothing mean-spirited, just a fact.

Well, hot diggity I never saw this response coming … “Good Grief! What does that have to do with anything Lisa? It is supply and demand, simple economics. Guess you weren’t home-schooled or you know how an economy works. Sorry, but I have had it with people who didn’t bother to learn anything about how things work.”

My parents were not Economists, but they certainly knew how to rob Peter to pay Paul and survive. Hey, looks like I might have been home-schooled after all…so there! 

I must say I was a little taken back by this attack. Isn’t that exactly what I just said without the hate & judgement. Needless to say this certainly had me wondering…What the hell just happened?  Are we really that far removed that we can’t even recognize that we might actually agree on a point?  Maybe she was blinded by my peace sign icon…I don’t know. 

The down right hatred I’ve witnessed over differences in opinions on political views, religious beliefs, race, sexual orientation and the reproductive system of a woman are downright mind-boggling.

News Flash: Conflict and Tension are tearing We The People to shreds at the speed of light. If you want to regain the will of the people, you must recognize the wisdom of Parker Palmer.

“Political civility is not about being polite to each other. It’s about reclaiming the power of “We the People” to come together, debate the common good and call American democracy back to its highest values amid our differences. The civility we need will come not from watching our tongues, but from valuing our differences and the creativity that can come when we hold them well.” Parker Palmer

As for me, well I vow to try not to give into temptation, unless of course it’s necessary. I’m not guaranteeing anything, but I will do my best to be kind when I do it. 

The words you choose have a profound effect on the people they reach, please choose them wisely and Enjoy The Ride! 

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