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Rock On Little Fish

This is my entry for Christine’s Simply 6 Minutes photo challenge. Image credit: Romolo Tavani.

What’s a girl to do when she feels small in her world? She puts on a big scary fin to go about her daily business.

Although it seemed like a good idea on that day many moons ago, when protecting herself was necessary, over time, the world had expectations, and she became a fraud.

It seemed so easy to wake up, put on a fin, and face the world. She didn’t realize that every time she wore that fin, a little piece of her true self was being taken from her.

She is left confused as she teeters on entering the final chapter of her life. How could she not be?

That big scary fin seems small now. She is outgrowing the facade and being forced to attend a meet and greet with someone she no longer recognizes.

This monumental shift in the view of herself has created a knowing that she is enough.

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