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She’s a Lady

Happy Birthday to my Mom!

Whether you have a great mother-daughter relationship or a mother-daughter relationship that can be improved, you probably know that mother-daughter bonding can start at an early age.

When I was 4 years old, I remember watching Pixie Ann, professing my love and vowing to marry my mom when I grew up. I walked around mimicking her every move, wanting to be just like mommy. Then I discovered boys around 14, ironically around the same time she became the most ignorant, unenlightened, out-of-touch creature on the planet.  The next five years were spent rolling my eyes followed by a single word, “Mooooooooooooommmmmmm!” And then, somewhere around twenty, she became human again. It wasn’t until I had children of my own that I recognized, she oozed the wisdom equivalent to Yoda.

I’m sure you’ll all familiar with that wonderful saying “What goes around comes around” well, it most certainly does. Now that I have a daughter, I can attest to this truth. Thankfully my daughter is heading towards 20, hopefully she will soon recognize that I just may have a clue. I long for the day when I am recognized as all-knowing and all-powerful again. Until then….

So, in honor of this very special lady, on her very special day … I think Tom Jones sums up best with this classic hit. Enjoy the Ride!

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