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The expense joy of the holiday season is almost upon us. This year I am hearing that people (and not the usual early shoppers) have already started shopping and snatching up things that seem like a good deal.  The only problem with this is when I do it,  I always forget what I bought and who I bought it for.  Inevitably this leaves me looking for some small items to “even the score” during the last week of shopping, paying top dollar just to fill under the tree. I can feel myself start to grumble about the looming bills once again this year.

What happened to the days when there were few gifts given but lots of entertaining?  When I was younger aunts, uncles and cousins came to call with gifts of homemade cookies, candy canes, eggnog and ornaments in hand.  It was more about the time spent with family…

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  1. Great post..read and thanks for sharing with us..
    If I don’t see you around the WP halls, have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!


  2. I have always enjoyed homemade gifts more & when my daughter was young & I was single & broke, we often made gifts for the family from her. Sometimes it was baking, but the year she liked the best (& I did too because of the big clean up) was the year we made candles for the whole family. I bought some wax & we used old crayons, you know the ones that are too small to color with anymore, to color the wax. We used dixie cups & milk cartons as moulds. We made rainbow colored candles & everybody loved them.


    1. Kids really do remember those moments so much more than the year they got the TV. I really loved this story : )


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