This is a wonderful Blog of a dear friend. She has encouraged and inspired me in ways she doesn’t even know. Take a moment to read this eye opener.


So tell me what can you buy for $1.09? “Not much” would be the typical answer to this question for most people. I can tell you the answer for me is different…at least today.  Let’s take a little step back to explain.

A few months ago I stopped writing due to some serious health issues.  I’m back…as of today.   I did some soul searching during that healing sabbatical. I’ve had enough “tragic events” to last me a lifetime and I started wondering and questioning, “Why me?”, once again …WHY? WHY? WHY?  Of course as we all know that barraging yourself with the wrong questions and the wrong attitude will beckon self doubt and his favorite sibling DEPRESSION…and well, “She’s NOT the pretty sister!”, even her name is scarey! (we’ll save those stories for another day as I loathe self pity and frankly I haven’t missed riding that…

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  1. free penny press | Reply

    Great post..thanks for sharing with us!!!


  2. How nice of you to reblog. Enjoyed it.


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