The Blessed Project

The Blessed Project  hosted by none other than the QUEEN of Wild Rides Susie Lindau, could not have come at a better time this season.

It’s not that I don’t recognize my blessings, I do, I really do. It’s just that sometimes life sweeps in to rattle me in another direction. No doubt I am part squirrel. 

This is why we need to take advantage of the opportunities when they are presented. So a big round of applause to Susie for providing us with the chance to be still. Even if it’s just for a moment feel the peace.



90 Years Young


Recently I was Blessed to witness my mother’s joy, as she watched her whole family sing in unison the old classic “Happy Birthday” before she cast her 90th wish.

If joy had a face … this my friends would be what it looks like.









In September I was Blessed to celebrate the wedding of my nephew, and to gain this beautiful woman as my niece. Their wedding was spectacular!

The love for this couple was explosive throughout the entire celebration. 

It’s been unanimous within the family that we all want to go back for a few more hours on Cloud Cullen. 




Santa, we have officially replaced the kids. Bring bones.


Every damn day I am Blessed to come home to these two snowflakes. 

No matter what went on in the day, these little lumps of love are there to remind me that I am indeed the best thing that ever happened to their world. 




Outgrowing the table


On Thanksgiving, I was especially Blessed to have everyone I love under one roof. My sisters who are always generous with their time and efforts. My brother-in-laws for being loving and caring men. My nieces with their intelligence, baking talents and beauty. My nephews who are passionate about everything from world affairs to Harambe the gorilla. The significant others that slip right into place with the craziness. My children for being such loving beings and my husband for always helping to make my day a little easier. 




Blessings included were enjoying each others company, eating delicious food and laughing together. Playing Cards Against Humanity until our ab muscles hurt. Finding humor in every conversation on the table and most of all NOT TALKING POLITICS FOR A SECOND. (There were rumors of some quiet texting on this subject, but nothing was proven)



The ladies



I’m Blessed to have good friends who recognized that a night of Running Through The Lights is exactly what I needed. 

I’m Blessed that they are persistent in their efforts to get me to workout, sweat, laugh, pee and cry. 


My version of Blogosphere

I’m Blessed to have virtual friends that are loving caring beings in and outside of the blogosphere.

I’m Blessed that they continue to show me love. Send virtual hugs. Make me laugh. Pray for me. Provide free therapy and genuinely care.


My Family Squad

I am truly BLESSED for this photo that speaks for itself.

Enjoy the Ride! 

Don’t forget to pack your blessings!

18 responses

  1. A very lovely post. Sometimes we forget to focus on the good. It’s always there. Sometimes hidden under a layer of soot but it’s there.

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  2. Very nice. We all need to count our blessings, especially at time when things seem to be going downhill!


  3. Fantastic post, Lisa! I LOVE your list of blessings. I’m smiling from ear to ear. What a beautiful family you have. The joy is abundant throughout your story. From the wedding to Thanksgiving, you found blessings through all the people who touch your life.
    Thanks for participating in The #Blessed Project!
    Merry, merry!

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    1. Thanks for the perfect timing ❤


  4. Lisa, you are indeed blessed. Love the pictures and stories. I am still working on that “pee” comment. Does that mean you laugh with your friends until you do so? Keith

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    1. Laughing, running, jumping … lol


  5. What a lovely post. Thank you. I counted your blessings along with my own.

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  6. Thanks for the reminder to count our blessings!

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  7. And god bless Lisa and tiny tim too! (in my best cockney accent)

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  8. Like you, Lisa, I’m so very fortunate to have a trunk full of blessings! 😉 xoxoM

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    1. That’s what it’s all about.

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  9. Hi, Lisa! Susie sent me. I loved your post, particularly the “lumps of love” that remind you that you “are the best thing that ever happened to their world.” Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be or to meet a human that gave as much unconditional love as a dog. Your pictures are beautiful. I agree with Susie, you can feel the authentic joy and gratitude in every word. Thank you for the post!

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    1. Thank you so very much!
      If only humans were as bright as animals we would be living in Peace.

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  10. […] The Blessed Project, by Lisa from Life with the Top Down. […]

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  11. Hey there Susie sent me over and I just wanted to say that I had to do more than just hit the like button on this one. I really enjoyed these pictures and they way you told your Blessings Story. It was heartfelt and honest. Happy that these blessings are in your life.

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  12. This post is a blessing in itself, old friend.
    Well done.

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