Mission Over Accomplished

IMG_0923I’m finally reporting in on my Random Acts of Kindness mission. Never in my life has it taken me this long to spend $50.00! One haircut a *Poof* it’s gone.

First things first, I had to cash the check. I decided on one dollar bills for easier distribution. Just for the record, if I won the $500,000,000 there is a very good chance that I would at least ask to see it in ones…maybe roll around in it…naked….because that’s what the rich & famous do. Ok, back to reality. 

Next task at hand was reading through all of the brilliant suggestions that poured in from my faithful followers. I must say these readers had some great suggestions. That’s a clear sign there are some good eggs in this world!

Kate over at coffeekatblog shared that if she won the big lottery she would put a wing on her favorite pet shelter. Well Kate, I only won 50 bucks but I hope you’ll be happy with my decision. I was at the pet store to purchase food for the king of the house when I noticed a table set up at the front of the store. I inquired and was informed they were selling little bundles that consisted of a can of food with a toy that would be donated to local pet shelters. BINGO!  Thanks to Kate’s inspiration one dog & one cat at the shelter will have a Merry Christmas this year! $4.00 down $46.00 to go.

Next I took 5 one dollar bills, placed them into envelopes with a message and some smiles. DAF over at dearanonymousfriend and Benz over at benzeknees both suggested treating someone to a cup of coffee. This gave me the great idea to strategically place these envelopes at the Java IMG_0925Joe’s coffee cart in our building. Employees, patients and visitors stop by the cart during the day, many times for a much-needed break.

The other day when I stopped for a chai, the young girl at the cart told me about the “secret envelopes.” She took a picture of them with her phone and was clearly excited about the whole experience. She did share that one woman came down from visiting her mom in the hospital. Her mom was craving a “good” cup of coffee, but the daughter didn’t have any cash on her and the cart doesn’t take plastic. The woman used one of the “secret envelopes” and the young girl picked up the balance. Smiles all around on that note! $9.00 down $41.00 to go.

IMG_0939The idea of leaving a cheery note along with the cash came from Lynne over at Free Penny Press. So, in the spirit of surprises I took 6 more one dollar bills, placed them in envelopes with some smiles and taped them on the vending machines in the lobby. Sweets & Drinks on me. $15.00 down $35.00 to go. I also made 5 more random envelopes with happy messages and left them on the windshields of some battered looking cars in the parking lot. $20.00 down $30.00 to go.

My next idea came after noticing a frazzled young mother on my street. I remember those days all too well. This time of year the little ones are on a Christmas high that usually leave parents begging for 5 minutes of quiet time.

I took $10.00 to the Dollar Store and picked up Christmas coloring IMG_0943books & crayons and left them on the doorstep of homes with small children on my block. I included a note from Jingle, one of Santa’s elves, instructing them to color a picture and leave it for Santa. Hopefully that gave those parents at least 30 minutes of peace. $30.00 down $20.00 to go. My daughter was happy to play the part of Jingle for the delivery.

My husband and I stopped for lunch at a Panera. While we were there I noticed a young girl cleaning tables and organizing dishes. She was working hard to ensure that her area was spotless. Kathy over at fridaynight family suggested over tipping a server. Although this young girl was not a server, she was very friendly and hardworking. I left her an envelope on the table with $2.00 thanking her for efforts. $32.00 down $18.00 to go.

Next up was Dave over at Blog of Funny Names who suggested tipping someone who makes minimum wage. As I was loading my groceries into my car, a young man came over to get my cart. He and his co-workers were gathered in the parking lot heading to retrieve ALL the carts that were left far away from the store. Honestly, it takes 5 seconds to walk the cart back  people. I gave them each $2.00 for their hard work out in the cold. $38.00 down $12.00 to go.

IMG_0972Another fine idea came from Julia over at Julia B Whitmore’s Blog Schrodinger’s Cat is Alive. Julia suggested spreading some kindness to those holiday opportunities that we see on the street every day. I see a young woman on my way to work holding a battered sign stating “Newly homeless and hungry.” I don’t know if she’s legit or not, but I’m not her judge.  I gave her $5.00 and she gave me a heartfelt thank you. $43.00 down $7.00 to go. Julia also suggested a donation to the Salvation Army Bell Ringers. Oddly enough I hadn’t come across one until Friday. $2.00 in the bucket! $45.00 down $5.00 to go.

The last $5.00 was put into envelopes with a simple message “Random Act of Kindness Pass It On.” I was trying to put these in just the right places. Hence the delay in finishing the mission. Then I thought there really isn’t a right or wrong place, so I went with my gut. One was left in a ‘Thank you” card at the Hallmark store. One was left on the counter at the post office. That decision was made after standing in line for over 45 minutes with a crew of  Bah Humbugers. Next up an envelope strategically left in a magazine at the check-out, one inside a news paper and the last one amongst the toys at the Dollar Store.

Mission over accomplished with 32 Random acts completed! Heart refilled with joy and ready to Enjoy the Ride! 

14 responses

  1. I love the suggestions and how you passed it forward. I have always dreamed of handing out $20 bills to those in need at corners. Maybe someday I will win the lottery!
    You must have changed the time stamp on your post today. I got a “Not found” on your link. You may want to blog a short post with the link to this blog post to get your readers to see this. They may not click on your home page like I did.
    Merry Christmas!


    1. Thank you! Some how it published 12 hours ago, now I have no idea how to fix it…boo. I follow your suggestion..thanks.


      1. You can’t fix it. I found out the hard way too. It prevents bloggers from jumping back into the feed with the same post. Once it is posted, you can’t change the time stamp.
        I don’t mess with the time stamp anymore. It makes me nervous! I think there is a delay depending on where you live. Your readers will come!


    2. It’s so nice to have a WordPress Guru at my disposal.


  2. free penny press | Reply

    Well dang girl.. you did amazing with just $50 bucks.. so creative and yes, you passed on the love and kindness and no doubt helped someone start their own pay it forward campaign..
    This was great to read,, will be the best thing I read all day..
    Got my eyes all sort of misty now.. Your heart is a mighty one!!


    1. Thank you! I was blown away how far 50.00 could go. I really hope it did have a change reaction.


  3. You are truly inspiring! This is what Christmas spirit is all about, you big a giant smile on my face


  4. What a great idea, and sorely needed these days. Thanks for the inspiration!


    1. You’re welcome and thanks for stopping by!


    2. It really was a lot of fun. I think I would be borderline crazy if I won that 500,000,000 prize.


  5. I would go crazy (the good kind) doing Gigantic Acts of Kindness if I won the Lottery. Your Random Acts of Kindness are just as important, and maybe more so than Gigantic Ones. What great ideas you got. The Kettle is always a big one for me when we go to the mainland and I always have lots of ones to stuff in everyone I see, plus any change in my pocket. But, the think I really like to do, and not just at Christmas, is to slip the bussers and cooks in restaurants something. I leave the kid at the movie theater scooping popcorn a buck too.

    What a great idea about the battered cars.


  6. I’m very late to this party but I loved this. I was trying to think up some Random Acts before Christmas but I’m behind on my blog reading and didn’t see this until now. Looks like I’ll be having some fun in January too!! Thanks for the great ideas!


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