Every Day Is Opposite Day


Well, well, well look who is celebrating their 5th anniversary with WordPress. Ah, it feels like yesterday. 

Last year, in celebration of this glorious milestone, I posted an essay that is sadly more relevant today Weapons of Mass Destruction Have a FaceA big orange face to be exact.

So, here we are, one year later, with the shit literally hitting the fan. Oh, happy day … not.

In just 365 days we went from watching this country’s biggest hit reality show to actually being contestants. I’m just sitting here desperately waiting for this show to be cancelled. 


2017: Every day is Opposite Day

The show, as I like to call it, is “The Opposite.” That’s right folks, we are all participating in a new reality where our host is the opposite of being honest, treating women or anyone else who isn’t white like people, speaking openly, confronting situations directly, having patience, and basically just being a good solid citizen. The Opposite is now leading our path. Where we’re heading has yet to be determined. 

In just a little over 30 days our host has brought several teams to the surface.

First, we have Team Merica. The bible thumping flag waving team who wouldn’t know the constitution if it were narrowed down to a bumper sticker, who take pride in naming at least two of the seven dwarfs, yet cannot muster up the name of a single Supreme Court Judge. They believe every alternative fact presented, including, but not limited to, our former president being a member of Isis.

The White Team is a sub group to Team Merica that includes well-intentioned educated folks who for whatever reason cast their vote. Some say it’s because he’s a businessman, others believed that he would “clean the swamp”, but most, in my opinion, did it because they were tired of a Democrat “giving away” everything they earned.

Next, we have Team Resistance. Not hired actors or paid by a 3rd party to participate. They are a feisty group made up of men, women, children, babies & dogs. They are taking to the streets to have their voices heard bearing signs, pussy hats, and passion for all that is good for the greater good. Their voices are speaking out for common human rights for all people. They are demanding answers from their elected officials regarding our planet, our healthcare, our animals, our freedoms, our sanity and OUR COUNTRY.


Who knew different could be this bad?

Then we have Team Oh Fuck. This group really, really, really thought they were doing the right thing when they went to the voting booth to cast a vote for “something different” and now they sit quietly pondering the definition of “different.”

Next up, Hollywood. This crew brings money, glitter, glitz, glamor, a microphone and a stage to spread a message they feel should be heard. This group has members on all of the above teams.

Last but not least we have Wall Street. They bring money, mo’ money and of course, mo’ money, which can easily allow them to rule the world … literally. Just remember folks the lack of a moral compass, a soul, and their cloven hooves will eventually lead to their demise. Hopefully.

So, in just over 30 days since the season premiere of “The Opposite” we’ve certainly been kept on our toes with the daily cliffhangers. What’s next? never sounded more terrifying.

Our new host likes to keep the teams confused. As they wander around questioning whether facts are truth or if lies are now alternative facts, which in our old world were just lies, he is vigorously flushing distraction_xlargetheir tax dollars down the drain on his weekend getaways, our satellite First Lady, and my favorite, the 2017 Feed My Ego Tour a/k/a 2020 campaign rally. What just happened?

While the teams scramble to fact check like Ninjas, desperately trying to determine which news is real, fake or somewhere in between, Executive Orders are being signed sealed and delivered faster than a middle of the night Tweet. Diversion at its finest.

Thing have been tense between the teams. While each team frantically attacks each other via social media outlets, the wool is pulled further over their once bright hopeful eyes. Next stop, slaughterhouse.

Let’s just hope that this show will be cancelled long before the Season Finale scheduled to air November, 2020. Until then, crank up the music and Enjoy the Ride!



17 responses

  1. That’s exactly what it’s like, watching a really bad reality show. Watching a really bad reality show and you can’t find the remote to change channels. You get up off the couch to manually change channels and it’s on every station. You frantically unplug the tv to make it stop and somehow it’s still on. This is the stuff of nightmares.

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    1. It’s everywhere!! He is like a plague.
      Honestly, it is a nightmare.


  2. It is diversion. Why don’t more folks get that? Do we have a special sense? Is there an apocalypse coming? I have some friends who have moved to Team Oh Fuck. I don’t let them complain to me. As far as I’m concerned, if you didn’t vote for Hilary you voted for Trump. Writing in obscure names, voting for 3rd party or not voting for president are all votes for Trump. BTW, it doesn’t matter if you like her or not, she would have been better than this. So we give up healthcare and other programs for a freaking wall?

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    1. Haha! Apparently we do have a special sense, because when I hear someone justifying this behavior I am stunned, literally. I recently had someone explain me that he is behaving like a businessman. I had to explain that he works for US, and he needs to be fired!


  3. We have to swat the diversions away like flies and keep focusing on what’s real. We know what that is. Fact checkers just back us up. Oy! 😉 xoxoM

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  4. First I’d like to congratulate you on your Fifth Year of Live With The Top Down. I remember when you first started to write…your wit and charm oozed along the page and has only gotten better…and oozier, since.

    As far our commander-in-chief goes, notice the small letters..I’m tired of hearing about him quite frankly. He’s permeating the ozone layer like a smog that won’t lift. I can’t remember any other president getting such chronic press. Was I just not paying attention?

    Think of all the shows that have been cancelled…even good ones. My point? His ratings don’t have a chance. Congrats Top. Here’s to another 5…:)

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    1. Thank you! I’m blushing.
      I couldn’t agree more about the amount of press. Talk about beating a dead horse. We’re down to the damn bones for god sakes. I gave up Facebook for lent, and I do not even participate in Catholicism! It’s that bad!


      1. What a great thing to give up…better than chocolate. When you were a Catholic kid, everybody gave it up. We never really got the point. Of course, now we see why.

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  5. Here, here, girlfriend. I was majoring in History in college… the correlations between now and the rise of the Brown Shirts is terrifying. What amazes me, even though it probably shouldn’t, is the number of people who don’t even blink an eye at the dishonesty, underhanded, and unethical statements/behavior.

    Happy 4th! I’m glad to have found you!

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    1. That is the most alarming part for me too. The Holocaust museum in DC has an entire room dedicated to the power of propaganda. I stood there thinking “how the hell could these people believe all this nonsense?” Now I know!

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  6. Every Day is WTF Did He Tweet Now Day! Good Post.

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  7. I feel like we’re just circling around the drain, just waiting to go down the hole. The end is nigh.

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    1. I feel the same way. Impending doom. Hope your doing well Scott!


  8. Would it be OK if I cross-posted this article to WriterBeat.com? I’ll be sure to give you complete cred8it as the author. There is no fee, I’m simply trying to add more content diversity for our community and I liked what you wrote. If “OK” please respond via email.


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