All In A Days Work

fb101f0749291403d2416549ccec38b3This past week was beyond challenging on the ole nerves for this girl in the work place. Between being shorthanded, overbooked and having our computer system go down for an entire day, it’s a miracle that I am still alive.

This recipe for insanity really made me miss that extra pulse in the office, along with the days of pencils and paper! You broke a point, you sharpened it and you’re back in business… you weren’t on HOLD for hours trying to “fix” the problem.

Yesterday things seemed to start turning around when our computers came back to life! I’m pretty sure my excitement when the “logon” screen popped up was a tad over the top, but that’s what happens when you are 100% dependent on its existence.  If I had pom poms they would  have been used….sad but true. 


Was this really too much to ask for?

So what does one do after spending 3 days basking in the fires of hell? She takes advantage of the sunny sky at lunchtime and heads outside to enjoy it! 

My co-worker and I found a nice shady bench to relax, which lasted all of a nano second. One of the security guards and believe me when I tell you that term is being used VERY lightly, was right in front of us gazing into the sky as if a flying saucer was about to land.

Of course my imagination immediately goes wild with scenarios on what might be happening as I pretend to call dispatch. We have 203 over at the MOB and I might need back-up.  In other words there is a bird flying over the medical office building. I think the biggest case they ever took on was catching a smoker lighting up on hospital grounds. 

As we sat there mocking the poor guy, we actually did hear a strange noise and wondered if this was what he was investigating. By “investigating” I mean looking towards the sky. 

My co-worker inquires as to what he was doing and he responded in the most monotone voice “There are 2 dogs locked in that pick-up truck and I’m looking for the security camera to see how long it’s been parked there.” W H A T?


Badass to the CORE!

Since we are both HUMAN and DOG LOVERS, we ran over to the truck to see for ourselves. Sure enough there were 2 dogs locked in the hot truck with the all the windows up barking and crying! Needless to say we immediately sprung into action. 

At this point Cagney & Lacey a/k/a me and my co-worker take charge of the case. Someone had to! We immediately approach the guard to see if he was going to break the window. Which is exactly what the police say to do in these cases. Again he responds with a half-dead … NO.

We plead our case by informing him in our most crazed voices that it’s “ok” to break the window,but he doesn’t budge. It seemed like it was an effort for him to give us an answer. 

Please to do not fuck around with two women who are already on the edge … just don’t! We were responding to the situation like Navy Seals, while this “guard” was acting as if he swallowed a bottle of Valium. I’m thinking …”this is your chance to make a difference buddy!” 

Cagney & Lacey:  Are you going to call the police?

Droopy Dog:  No. I’m going back to the office to check the surveillance tape to see how long the truck has been parked here.

Cagney & Lacey:  These dogs will be dead by then!

Droopy Dog:  I have to ask my boss about calling the police. Lacey:  YOU HAVE TO CALL YOUR BOSS?! Well I don’t have to check with anyone I’m calling.

I make the call while Cagney uses her quick thinking to round-up some suspects. Since this was obviously a construction vehicle and work is being done on the premises, perhaps it belongs to one of the workers. This thought was like Rocket Science to the “guard”.

Droopy Dog:  What police did you call?

Lacey: The real police? The police that come when you call 911.

Droopy Dog:  Well my boss is at another site and I would have to check with him.

Lacey:  This is an emergency! I can’t believe you can’t call yourself. Walks away in disbelief …. Just then the suspect comes out to his truck and Droopy exchanges words with him. He has the NERVE to say “It’s not even that hot in here!”  He gets into his truck and starts to leave. Oh no you’re not! 


Helpful Information.

I get back on the phone to update the dispatcher when I notice the truck stopping at the next entrance and he enters the building with the dogs. Droopy pulls behind the truck and with the speed of a turtle, follows him inside. I think I saw two snails pass him …. Jesus! 

Just as the suspect comes back outside the REAL police are on the scene. Cagney & Lacey returned to their day jobs and hoped justice was served. By the look on the face of the real police officer as he sped by, it’s safe to say it was. 

We hear too many stories these days about children and animals being locked in hot vehicles. Local news reporters are cooking eggs on dashboards all over the country, just to make a point about just how hot a vehicle can get on a summer day. Unless you just surfaced from under a rock … you know the deal.

BOOM! That my friends is the sound of my mind being blown by the fact that some people still feel that somehow they are above a devastating outcome. YOUR NOT THAT POWERFUL …SORRY!  Enjoy the Ride  with Caution!

23 responses

  1. Locally there have been children killed in hot cars. We don’t hear about the animals because it doesn’t hit the news. What are people freaking stupid?


    1. I feel like every day there is another story…it’s awful.


  2. hopefully, those under a rock read this!


  3. It does not take long to have the temperature go up in a closed car. Dogs can dehydrate quickly and they can die quickly. I would have found a rock and broken into the car, and I would have gone all sort of crazy on the security guards. Those poor dogs!


    1. We were so crazy! I really worry when people witness things and feel no need to react. I walk around constantly thinking I’m on that show “what would you do?” that is how I live my life.


  4. Good for you. Although I worry.

    My car has the ability to run with the a/c going, should I need to pee with a dog in the car. I always worry that it won’t work, though.


    1. I suggest a diaper or keeping a container in the backseat…just in case.


  5. Yes, people are idiots.

    Nice to see Cagney and Lacey again… you know, that’s exactly how I have always pictured you.


    1. The idiot population is increasing at a high rate these days. That is a HUGE compliment Ted!


  6. Right !!! Cagney: that is the awesomist collar I’ve seen since 1981.


  7. That’s just insane. Are you following that trial about the guy who left his toddler in his car all day and the child died? I just can’t for the life of me understand how a person does NOT know that their child is in the car. It’s crazy


  8. Two kids died in cars left unattended this past week in the Carolinas. The last one had a dog with him which also died. You are not making this stuff up. It happens.


  9. Kudos to you would be heroes! I am going to carry one of those sledge hammer things now that will break a window! If I saw something like those poor dogs locked in a hot car I would “freak out.”


  10. Loved the post and your writing style. You have centre-pieced a poignant tale using a tongue in cheek format which is never easy.

    If only more folks could stand in the cause of the matter the way you did and not shirk responsibility, the world would be a better place.



  11. Couple things…I myself am trying to learn to celebrate when the WiFi goes out…and that frog, I love, pops up in my life a lot…love him…he reminds me to take a chill pill…NOW…ANIMALS LOCKED IN CARS…A chronic issue here in The Big Apple. Makes me crazy, and you and Lacey were right to step up. Mr. it’s not even that hot, is lucky his balls are still where they were when he left the house.

    Sometimes people are just brain dead when it comes to their animals. So glad it turned out okay, and you deserve a day off…10-4


    1. Now you know I was thinking about you during this entire encounter. WWSD? was my motto. We had to refrain from going all get to on him, since we were at work. If it was up to us he would have been locked in the truck to see what it was like!


      1. That would have been GREAT!!! I would have been really into that…and no biscuits for him.


      2. Keep Celebrating that birthday. All the best for a happy joyful year ahead too!


      3. Thanks…I’m nursing a fresh hangover right at this moment…I think it’s time to turn in my margarita glass.


  12. The absolutely insanity boggles the mind. It seems we hear about this more often, not less often, now that people are more aware. What does it take to make people understands you are torturing and murdering innocent kids and dogs?
    Thank you for stepping up and getting involved.


  13. It’s insane! I hope you brought this security guard something to read that shows new laws have been passed allowing you to break a window if you see an animal or child in a hot vehicle now! Or get hold of his boss & make sure he has a seminar on how to handle this situation in the future? Especially since this is at a zoo! You know, where people spend their whole lives caring for animals!


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