Pet Power!

Immediate Smile

Immediate Smile

This morning as I was trolling on Facebook I noticed that one of my friends posted an adorable photo of her two puppies Cosmo and Emma, but this time it was different. She included a well wishes to someone named Anthony. Hmm … further investigation was necessary.

After a few clicks I found out that her photos were actually part of a wonderful event Photo Doggies for Anthony. Anthony is a 16-year-old boy who is currently undergoing chemotherapy for acute lymphoblastic leukemia at the Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

As I was reading his story I found out that Anthony is a firm believer in the power of pet therapy and animal healing. I know my Peanut has wonderful nursing skills, so I can’t argue with that thought. 

Therapy dogs are just not available every day for every patient, so some wonderful people in Anthony’s life came up with this incredible idea to have people send him pictures and videos of their dogs and some cats as well to cheer him up. Genius!

As I was scrolling through the photos, on this dreary Sunday morning, I found I was smiling. I’m not sure if it was from the photos of all the adorable doggies, the outpouring of love for this stranger or the confirmation that humanity is alive and well in this world, as long as you’re willing to recognize it.


Please take a moment to join in on this event. It will only take a nano second to click on the link above to send Anthony some love by posting a picture of the pet in your life.

Oh, wait what you don’t have a pet? 

Poleze! You don’t have friends with pets? I’m sure you all have someone in your life willing to share their furry friend for a goo cause. That’s what I thought… umm hmm. 

What the heck are you waiting for? Anthony is ready to Enjoy the Ride! 


16 responses

  1. I am a believer. My cat Jake pulled me through from painful times.


    1. It’s really remarkable how these furry creatures know exactly what we need.

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  2. OMG! You gotta click on the link! I am so smiling! Happy Sunday!


  3. His idea is great, people posting pics is great, but the fact that you wrote to make it all come alive is more than great! Thank you for this. All that read will most likely do one act of kindness today by posting a pet pic to make others feel good! ( its the least we can do in the grand scheme of things!)

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    1. The simplest acts make the biggest impacts. Thanks for your kind words.


  4. Great concept, but I must confess that is one funny picture and conversation between the two dachshunds .

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    1. Just the face on the dachshunds had me cracking up!


  5. I definitely believe in the power of pets. I will have to drop in on a friend who will let me play with their beast.


  6. Reblogged this on FiftyFourandAHalf and commented:
    What a terrific way to cheer up a kid in the hospital.

    Thanks, Tops, for letting me know about it! Duncan pics on the way!


  7. Tops, this is great! I hope you don’t mind that I reblogged it. Gotta share the love (and the pictures)!


    1. Thanks Elyse! I can’t believe the outpouring of love this kid has gotten today. Warms the soul!

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      1. It’s pretty neat.

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  8. Deliberately Delicious | Reply

    “Humanity is alive and well in this world…” Amen! Thanks for this lovely feel-good story!

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  9. I can’t do this now… I am still doing the thing… ahhh… remind me later or tomorrow when the thing is over…


  10. I loooooove therapy animals. I wish cats were better therapy animals. Thanks for the reminder to pet something today.


  11. | Reply

    What a great reason to send photos to the young man. So sad.

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