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Friday Fun Fur

Star of the Blog….CHESTER

Look who is featured here on Fun Fur Friday, Chester my Beagle. Chester is his official name, however it’s been replaced by…Pop, Pudding Pop, Popsicle, Sickle, Sickle Cell Anemia, Buddy, Bud, Friend, Chess, Woo Woo Waa Waa and Little Littles.

Don’t judge I happen to come from a family of name changers, it’s in the genes, it’s what we do. Yes, this includes yours truly a/k/a … Lee Wee.

My mother was calling for me back in the day, but I didn’t want to go in just yet, so I hid behind a car with my friends (giggling). On her 3rd attempt to get my attention, you guessed it …”Leeeeeeeeeeeee Weeeeeeeeee come on honeybun it’s time for bed…Leeeeeeeee Weeeeeeee! (giggling)” Mothers’ always get the last laugh.  It’s all a blur other than crawling home and being dubbed Lee Wee from that point on.

Hater’s gonna hate.
I didn’t ask to be this cute…it just happened.

To your left is Chester’s baby picture. At a mere 9 weeks old he is sitting in a planter we had in the yard. He climbed in there on his own and I was so mad that I didn’t have a little sailor hat…ugh. He was cool with not having the hat, I’m still not.

Simmer down…simmer down. I’m already sitting on the step, because I want to Sit On The Step … Campeche?

To your right is the Toddler stage. The never-ending guessing game. Do you want to sit on the step? Do you want to go in? How about some water? Walk? Do you want to go for a walk? Do you have to go pee? poop?  I still expect answers…I am such an optimist.

Chester’s “CAT” phase ended when his ‘growth spurt” caused him to require assistance getting in the window.

We all love the Teenage stage, what’s not to love. Going through those wonderful experimental stages of wanting to be a Cat, staying up late, sleeping until well after noon and my favorite…defiance or as you like to think…independence.

It wasn’t easy watching you walk without the security of the leash, but we had to let go and trust you wouldn’t run. Not that you would ever leave your food source.

No doubt Chester was up late watching that special on
Animal Planet…AGAIN!

Long gone are the days when we chased after you as you bolted for a rabbit, knowing you never had a chance. Yet we were RUNNING. 

We no longer hear you running up and down the steps howling during a good game of hide-n-seek anymore. The days of chasing your orange ball are few and far between. We won’t mention how you somehow muster up the energy of a puppy for any form of food….just sayin.

The only thing missing is the yellow “Crime Scene” tape.

Finding a sunbeam is one of your favorite pastimes. Laying on the step like a rock for hours and scaring the crap out of the neighbors is priceless. Always a character.

Middle age has set in and suddenly you’ve taken on the personality of Walter Matthau in Grumpy Old Men. You still enjoy people and other dogs … from a distance.  You are set in your ways, your schedule is etched in stone and your happiest moments are sitting outback with your human counterpart. 

Middle Age at its best..

I’ve come to the conclusion that my parenting and pet raising methods are very similar. I enjoy the security of a leash. Chess is pushing 49 in dog years and I still worry about him running into the street. Honestly, does the word “run” even cross his mind? 

The kiddies are growing up, my grip has loosened on the leash and my sense of security has been turned over to…Faith. Hey, I can always step on the leash if I drop it! …. Enjoy the Ride!

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