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Clean Livin’


It’s been a while since I’ve paused to do what I love so much, but better late than never folks. I bet you’re all wondering what the hell I’ve been up to over these past few months. Sadly the answer is NOT traveling the world with my lottery winnings in tow.

The biggest thing that has happened to us over the past few months is we have broken our ties with CABLE TELEVISION. That’s right people I am living the Antenna Life a/k/a Clean Livin’. Yes, I did say “no cable” and “antenna” in November of 2105.

This relationship came to erupt end when my son accidentally changed our plan via the remote when he was trying to order a movie. You know what prevents this from happening …. wearing your GLASSES. 

Within minutes, I called our new server Verizon Fios to alert them of the MjAxMy1iNjk1OTlkNGQyZjJlZGEwaccident. Of course, I acted as if my son were a toddler playing with the remote opposed to the 20-year old ordering some god forsaken movie in the middle of the day, but that didn’t seem to matter. He could have been legally blind, randomly hitting buttons and zero fucks would still be given!

This is when I was informed that our plan was no longer available. In less than an hour our plan disappeared?  Yes. Apparently that’s how our plan rolled. I had no idea we had the playah of cable plans, the plan that jumped from one customer to the next without looking back.

After several calls to rectify this is a civil manner we were calmly told “there is NOTHING we can do.” Really? In 2015, there is N O T H I N G that can be done?  Not a single button could be pushed to rectify an accidental incident for a new customer … nada! Alrighty then ….

Have you ever gone from calm, cool and collected to cursing like Tony Montana? I have. 

I won’t scare the crap out of you  bore you with the ugly details of these negotiations, just know they ended with more money in my pocket each month and a new pair of boots on my feet to prove it!

Leaving the 21st century wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought it would be … for us. My son’s response was “Whew! I got out just in time!” and my daughter responded with “I think I just saw a dinosaur walk by.” They think we have lost our minds, but they weren’t paying the bill so we don’t care.


Lilly doing duck lips before duck lips were a thang!

No fears people we do have a Smart TV that allows us an occasional re-entry into the current century via Netflix. But I must say, we’ve been enjoying the calmness of outdated sitcoms much much more than anything from this century. Less violence goes a long way, especially at bedtime.

I’ve been hooked on the original reality show The Munsters for weeks now. The Kardashians have nothing on this story line! Lilly and Herman recently had an awful argument, but no worries Grandpa and that hideous character Marilyn worked diligently to get them to make up. Do you see how deep I’m in? I’ll leave my other addiction, My Favorite Martian, for another post. I’m crushing hard on Bill Bixby … really hard. 

Enjoy the Ride! Even if it’s in reverse, way back to the 70’s when we enjoyed life at a slower pace and weren’t polarized by fear, negativity and Donald Trump on a daily basis. 

No Apologies


This quote has resonated with me with a force that I could not longer ignore.  Why? Because it’s truth on paper, or in this case … Pinterest. I’ve kept my distance on my Blog for reasons that were just not genuine and this little reminder brought me here today. I know… I know … I know. 

I haven’t been “too busy” to write. Lamest excuse evah!  Seriously! I’m not out solving world peace, I’m walking dogs and washing dishes. Just doing my thang. 

Old Habits Die-Hard

Old Habits Die-Hard

The truth is I’ve been away because old habits really do die-hard, especially those from our childhood. Those Mother Efers are like the Michael Myers of behaviors!  Just when you think you’ve beat them down, stabbed, shot, drowned, suffocated and tied them to a train track before dropping them into a 10 foot grave, someone comes along; lets out one little comment that resurrects these assholes into spring chickens! Once again proving the power of  our Words.

That’s right folks, I let the words of a small group of naysayers bring me back to a place I thought was out of my life for good. Obviously that was not the case. Apparently there are a few people in my world who read this Blog anonymously. Meaning they are not included in the 712 out and about followers. 

This handful of naysayers, who prefer to lurk in the shadows of my business and later zap me with my own words when the opportunity strikes are the real story tellers. That’s right folks, because every time they open their mouths to undermine my dreams, criticize or predict my doom they are letting the world know their story, not mine. So from this moment on not one more fuck will be given about their “opinion.” 

2ec12bf281d76a09e5095674b964e0f3My blog was born as a therapy session outside of my therapy session, not a NY Times best seller. It’s just a little speck out in the world that allows me to dump some long overdue baggage out the window and let  shit go. So if a handful of people can’t deal with that the solution is simple …. stop reading it. That friends is not rocket science. 

Letting go of some baggage over time has enabled me to start growing into my own badass self and I AM NOT APOLOGIZING for being ME just because a certain crew of negative people can’t seem to handle that truth.

I have spent 2 and a half years writing 180 essays on top of 3 years of counseling trying to bring my genuine self to the surface and it’s going to take more than a few mean-spirited naysayers to bring me down. Snap!

Now let me go dig into a nice big bowl of diamonds for dinner so I can continue to SHINE ON and Enjoy the Ride! 


When Crazy Ideas Shack Up…

Daily Prompt: The Excitement Never Ends

Tell us about the last thing you got excited about — butterflies-in-the-stomach, giggling, can’t-wait excited. 

a42448e395941bf6225eebb616bb1b97Well, recently I did something so far out of my normal realm I’m still not sure what came over me.  Maybe I’m going through a little MLC of my own. Was I excited to jump into this venture head first? That would depend on your definition of “excited.” Did I have butterflies-in the-stomach? Um, it felt more like a flock of geese, but yes. Was there that giggling, can’t wait excited feeling? In my world there is always giggling, but in this case, it was the let’s just make fun of ourselves in order to survive kind of giggling, so yes, there was in fact lots of giggling.

I bet you’re on the edge of your seats wondering what the hell I’ve been keeping from you all……Drum Roll Please.

The answer is CrossFit (this is in red to signify the fires of hell I endure d898ece5890d5d2a3c45ff0ba5bb0dc9every time I attend class). If anyone is wondering “what the hell is CrossFit?” The official definition is: CrossFit is a strength and conditioning brand. CrossFit combines weightlifting, sprinting, and gymnastics. My definition is: CrossFit is a love/hate relationship that will push you to thoughts of self demise and euphoria in the same hour. CrossFit does not discriminate against any of your muscle groups, in fact, parts of your body will hurt that you weren’t even aware existed. 

This all came to life after meeting a long-time friend for coffee. Maybe someone slipped something into our Lattes. My friend started telling me how she wanted to try CrossFit, which I never heard of and I shared that I wanted to try one of those Mud races….Muddrella to be exact, which she never heard of and this folks is how insanity was born. Two crazy ideas shacking up in the middle of a Starbucks produced a bundle of over zealous confidence that brought us to sign our lives away to a CrossFit facility. 

You see, my dear friend and I are approaching milestone, or as I like to call them, “very special birthdays” soon. One of us (not me) isn’t venturing into this next chapter with the same vigor as someone else (me). You see, she confessed that this is the first Summer she hasn’t worn a bikini. Tragic, I know. She was looking for something challenging so she wouldn’t turn into “one of those hideous older people” as she so eloquently described it. She could never be hideous, but I knew exactly what she meant.

tacky-christmas-sweaters-for-womenThis conversation provoked me to do some math and I came to the horrific realization that this is my 21st year without wearing a bikini, along with my 5th year without wearing a bathing suit of any kind, so I think it’s safe to say that I was just a Christmas sweater away from a catastrophic level of hideous aging. YIKES!  All I can say is … THANK GOD for whatever divine intervention led us to meet for coffee that day!

Yesterday we concluded our second full week of CrossFit and believe it or not we are both making significant strides. For starters we’re still alive! Everyone, including all of the young what the hell are you doing here with that amazing body guys and girls are very supportive of our endeavours. They encourage us, answer our questions and cheer us on one WOD (work-out of the day) at a time. It’s really nice having your own personal cheerleaders … a girl could get use to this love. 

We are running, the actual verb form of running too, not the “I’m running to the store” adjective kind. We are also jumping rope. zap-brad-pitt-penelope-cruz-ozzy-osbourne-and--006Do you have any idea what happens when middle-aged women run & jump rope? They begin to laugh out loud at the prospect of wearing a diaper and they actually start to justify it! Hey, Lisa Rinna wore one on the Red Carpet, she says so in the commercial!  

We are lifting weights, dangling from gigantic rubber bands, contorting our bodies into positions we didn’t know were possible, but most of all we are having a great time….a very sore time, but a great time.  No pain, no gain … right? 

ed02996e492db3fdd3ea1ca639c7fbadAs of this morning I am 20.2 pounds lighter. Um, yes, she did include that .2. I am healthier, happier and more determined than ever to continue on this path of Non-Hideous aging. I think I feel a bumper sticker coming on…perhaps a t-shirt.

Honestly though, the best part of this whole journey has been spending time with my dear friend. We make each other laugh through our inadequacies while we celebrate our personal milestones, which to date include running without stopping and staying alive. Enjoy the Ride! 

Breath of Fresh Air

983687_10151944185943508_1118236942_nWell, well, well, I bet you didn’t know I’ve been on vacation all week. Oh wait, correction, my boss has been on vacation all week and the office is closed, so I’ve been home. Not quite the same, but still not at work.

I must say in all my years I have never been so excited about not going to work for a week. This is not a good thing for me. 

Our office has always been a pleasant, humorous environment, one that I actually enjoyed going to every day. Now, well, not so much. The climate has changed and something tells me global warming can’t be blamed for this one. Unpredictable, unstable & unhappy.

These changes have a huge effect on me, especially my wellbeing. You see, I am what is considered a highly sensitive person. No, not someone who walks around crying on a whim, but one that becomes physically responsive to their surrounding. All this negative bull shit has been taking a toll on my mind & body.

Toxic energy has a way of sucking the good right out of us…not to mention it’s highly contagious. I’ve been sluggish, over weight, unmotivated and unhappy for well over a year now and too think it actually took being home for a week for me c45a70964e8c0e0762b9cee7a5f5fd92to see this clearly, is both remarkable and a tad bit sad. It’s amazing what breathing a little fresh air can do … umm hmm.

My week has been spent being me. No keeping my P’s & Q’s in check! No walking on egg shells! No hiding my true self! Whoot! 

Oh sure I could have sat around catching up on my reading while relaxing on my deck, but a big fat heat wave axed that idea real quick. Philadelphia went from OMG on Monday to WTF  by Friday, which didn’t leave much room for R&R outdoors. Soggy & Sweaty where the only things happening outside! 

Things really do happen for a reason though, this heat wave kept me grounded. It provided me with a week that was nothing short of refreshing and rejuvenating to my body, mind and soul. The week kicked off by visiting some family that we haven’t seen in way too long, which really got my rejuvenation juices flowing. After that burst of goodness, I just poured myself into my home, family and myself all week. Slaying toxins one negative vibe at a time with my loving self.

3a11655590da9bb3f421a4fb2c70def0My house is clean, organized, covered in love…and Lysol. My daughter had a healthy lunch waiting for her every day when she came home from job number one, so she could go off to job number two nourished with food and a big ole dash of momma love. My son, who was working outside all week in the fires of hell, welcomed his frozen water bottles and dinner on the table every night and my hubby, well, his statement summed it up “Hon, I think you should quit your job.” I knocked the pearls right off of June freaking Cleaver yo! 

The vacation or good ole days are coming to a close and it’s back to reality tomorrow, but not before a BBQ with my hubby’s siblings to welcome his sister who is visiting us from Maine.  So far it’s been great catching up with all that is new in our lives, reminiscing on the younger years and talking about the future. Live…Laugh…Love. 

So as I head back to the salt mines office tomorrow, I will be bringing something very special with me … myself. Let’s hope she makes it through the day! 

Go get your happy on and Enjoy the Ride! 

It Takes A Village

40287e1f937375987a5fa49d71cce72eDaily Prompt: Helping Hand

Tell us about the most surprising helping hand you’ve ever received.

Helping hands have shown up in my life recently and just in the nick of time if I do say so myself.  That’s right humanity came strolling in, fashionably late of course, complete with party horns & confetti to join in on all the festivities. Was I “surprised”? Not really because that’s how humanity rolls.

Considering the level of activity around these parts over the past few months, it wasn’t  too shocking to anyone that my emotions decided to go into a full-blown tailspin, but the timing couldn’t have been worse. Now that was a big fat ssurprise!

Believe me when I tell you I admire the complexity of the human brain, but there are times when I really wish it had an “off” switch. Perhaps it could have been installed when I became a mother. God obviously missed the memo on “When Women Worry”, along with the follow-up memo When Mothers Worry … A Whole Other Story,” otherwise he would have included the switch. He was probably off creating a giraffe or something so I’ll let him slide, since giraffes are so badass.

I was at the point of going from mole hill to mountain in one second flat, which is what can happen when your creative juices 44dfffbc16181b21312f1da189ce787fdecide to collaborate with your fears. These 2 should never hook up … ever. Unfortunately for me they were in an on and off relationship since September, but decided to take it to another level in February and by the end of March they were nothing short of hot & heavy. Such sluts!

So, on that particular Thursday when I pulled into the parking lot at work, I could not believe what suddenly began to unfold. One minute I’m laughing along with the morning Dj’s and the next my heart is pounding out of my chest. My imagination and fears decided to get it on right there in the parking lot! 

Somehow I managed to get out of the car and right into my first set of helping hands. Lord knows I must have appeared completely crazy, but in the moment I was more concerned about dying and much less concerned about first impressions. This stranger walked me to my office, assured me I was “ok” and wrapped those helping hands around me with a supporting hug before closing the door. Suddenly I was alone with the dynamic duo again…this was not good.

Next set of helping hands to show up was my boss. Oh, yes you did read that correctly. By the time he arrived on the scene, not only was my heart pounding out of my chest, but the tears were uncontrollable. He assured me I was NOT having a heart attack, but what did he know? … he’s only a DOCTOR for god sakes!  My brain was already claiming victory over this battle!

8a855a94a51099881c9a3fc60a0e3f64Just as I was about to wave my white flag and let my brain wear the crown some helping hands joined forces. My friend/co-worker arrived and knew exactly what to do. Honestly, the only thing missing was her white horse. She held my hand and walked me down to the office of my family doctor while reinforcing the fact that I was NOT having a heart attack. Um, I still wasn’t believing it.

Her helping hands had a magnetic force that attracted more hands into my circle of need, while never loosening her grip on mine. The girls at the desk, the medical assistant and the nurse practitioner all worked together with my friend to ensure me that I would come from behind and start kicking some crazy ass very soon. It really does take a village people. 

By the time this all ended I was whipped! My brain is pretty freaking tough, but my spirit is much tougher thanks to all those helping hands. They helped me to get back on the road to Enjoy the Ride! 

Don’t Shoot The Messenger

Here’s my story sad but true.

Nine, yes 9 glorious days ago, I geared myself up to increase my physical activity level from ZERO to at least a THREE by the end of the month. Considering that the temperatures outside have reached the Fires of Hell level, I opted to begin my journey in the comforts of my own home with the Wii Fit.

Easy enough…right?

Increasing my exercise level was nothing compared to hooking up the dam thing to get started. Both kids were at the shore, so I was left to master this on my own. I did break a sweat, but it was mainly from cursing at my frustration. If there were a calorie burn for cursing, I would be on the cover of Vogue.

I was so frustrated I had to call the Help Desk, you guessed it….the KIDS. Of course no one answers my crys for help and endless calls. This is very strange considering their life source phones usually need to be surgically removed from their hands at home. 

So, what’s a mother to do? This mother has NO shame, she called one of their friends. Interesting how my phone rings to tell me…Mom! stop calling my friends you’re so embarrassing! No, embarrassing would have been having the kid come over when I looked like a Sea Hag as I tried to hook this dam thing up!

First question from the teenage friend….Lisa, is it plugged in?  After I kindly reminded him of my brilliance, he walked me through it and it still did not work. The husband fixed it in 3 seconds, but I didn’t ask him for 2 days later…I was determined avoiding. 

Alright, time to blow the dust off those sneakers and get this party started!

Now, in order to get started you have to make a little character of yourself called a Mii and design it accordingly. I was starting fresh, so I created a new Mii. Her name is “Mom” so lame I know with brown hair and a pony tail. Note to self: Do not create an image of yourself when you are feeling like shit. 

Lequita, my alter ego Mii, is african american with blonde hair, pink lipstick an a ton of sassiness. Sort of like Niki Minaj without the boobs. I’m sure she will cheer “Mom” on from the sidelines. Lequita is so badass. 

Day One:  I step onto the Wii Fit board and it says “Ugh!” in a condescending voice. I get off and get back on only to hear “Ooo! Are you serious? There is something very unnerving about being virtually mocked.

Day Two:  The board is still mocking me, but now it gets personal. For some reason my scores are horrible. When I was Laquita I was killing it with my scores in the hundreds, now I’m barely getting 80. Low scores = whomp whomp sounds along with “Mom” hanging her head in shame. I’m really not feeling the love here Nintendo! 


Day Three:  Still chugging along without any progress on my scores. The Geisha Girl voice on this game is now equivalent to nails on a chalkboard as she says, “Oh, you seem to be unbalanced.”  Now I feel like I’m at the nail salon, but I can actually understand what everyone is talking about…”feet like man” or in this case…couch potato.

Day Four:  Sweating like a pig as I continue to be baffled by my inability to increase these scores!!!! Then it happens THE VOICE has the nerve to say “working on your core muscles every day will help you with your balance.” Stick your core and your muscles up your ass! What the hell do you think I’ve been doing? 

Day Five: I decided to switch things up and do the program after work. There I was on the board in the middle of sucking at my attempt at virtual slalom skiing, when my son walked in the room. “Oh, let me try I haven’t done this in a long time.” Ok, but it’s really hard. “Yea I guess it is when you have the board backward!”  Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! So, for FIVE days this bitch couldn’t once say…TURN THE BOARD AROUND! 

Day Six through today:  I am kicking some Wii Fit ass and surpassing my daughter’s scores! The Geisha Girl is still a condescending bitch and I can not guarantee her safety at this point.

The lesson here folks….Don’t Shoot The Messenger, or in this case bludgeon a video game for speaking the truth. Instead I am grateful that this game was made in Japan and therefore very polite. If this game was made in the United States, there is a very good chance I would have heard “Dam girl, you need to give a game a warning before stepping your fat ass onboard!” 

Look at the bright side and of course…Enjoy the Ride! 

The Winner Takes All

Last night I had the pleasure of attending a benefit for the brother-in-law of an old friend. It was the “Have A Heart” fundraiser for Bill Nolen. Bill is in need of a heart transplant and is currently waiting on the list for potential recipients. This process sounds very simple by using terms such as “getting on a list”,  but it’s actually much more complex than you could ever imagine.

I know this all to well because my brother didn’t make “the list”, he wasn’t up to the commitment required to be a recipient. You either have the determination or you don’t. He passed away 4 years ago this August, after proving the doctors’ wrong on just how long he would continue to live his life, on his terms. That’s all I can say is…ignorance is indeed blissful.

My friend, who I’ll refer to as K, has not been a part of my life since Grade School, when we would occasionally be seated next to each other during our 8 years together. If you asked me today to remember something about her from that time, it would be that she was always laughing. She has not lost this trait! 

We reconnected via Facebook yea social media because she also writes a blog http://fridaynightfamily.com. It was love at first read for me, so a friend request was sent and bam the rest is history.  There were others at the benefit from grade school as well, which certainly completed the recipe for a grand ole time. One of my long-lost class mates said “I know who you are, you haven’t changed a bit.” Dear God, I hope she was referring to the 1st though 5th grade me and not that ugly, awkward 6th through 8th grade period that I would prefer to keep buried…ugh.

As you know I’ve been going through some changes in my life. Struggling daily to regain the “me” back now that I’ve received my Pink Slip as chauffeur, school volunteer and doer of things that need to be done around these parts. I suddenly have “free time” for “me time” however, filling it has been much more difficult than I anticipated. Where the hell did all my ideas go..I swear I  use to have ideas. It certainly takes practice getting back what you lost….yourself.

Over the years I have earned a Doctorate in “Excuse Making” with a Masters in “Talk Yourself Out Of It”, whatever “it” may be. However, when the changes started rolling into my life, I made a conscious decision to start putting those to better use while I focus on my “F It … Just Do It” and “Be In The Moment” degrees. I’m not going to lie, this is no easy task.

This benefit for Bill was the perfect opportunity to jump back in and be me for an evening. Actually it was a much-needed WE for the evening. The fact that it was for a good cause, well that just made it even better.  It was a win/win for sure. Oh, speaking of winning…….LOOK WHAT WE WON!

That’s right, we came home with these two beauties loaded with all sorts of goodies, including wine.  Seriously, does it get any better?  Um, yes as a matter of fact it does. Not only were WE winners…our whole table won! I totally get the whole Charlie Sheen addicted to winning thing … I do. My name is Lisa and yes, I’m a winaholic. 

I won the LARGE  GIGANTIC basket, that my friend K just happened to make. I was asked to pull the next winning ticket, because that’s what winners do…we spread the joy. I picked the number of my friend at the table, who also won a basket made by K. Let’s just say the pointing fingers, slanting eyes and jealous comments from the losing side of the room, only enhanced our luck. 

There was way too much positive energy at our table to let the big green monster ruin our fun as we strutted up to collect the next 4 BASKETS and a DOOR PRIZE!  There is nothing like feeling like a freaking Rock Star from Mars! 

Of course the real winner of the evening was Bill. I don’t even know Bill, but I learned something very important about him last night…he is loved by many. The love was evident on all of the faces in the room. It resonated in the delicious food, the beautiful baskets and in Bill’s eyes when he stood next to his wife, who graciously thanked all of us for attending on his behalf.

Thanks to Bill I have a much better understanding of what I’ve been missing in my life….LIVING. Take time to love your family, appreciate your friends, embrace opportunities and ….Enjoy the Ride! 

A Little Of Me From A to Z

I don’t want to brag or make anybody jealous but … Judy over at Raising the Curtain has nominated Life With The Top Down for the ABC (Awesome Blog Content) Award. Oh, yea baby Judy thinks this blog ROCKS!

I love Judy’s blog!  She incorporates humor and wisdom into her writing in a way that leaves you entertained and enlightened. I am honored to be one of Judy’s chosen bloggers and humbled that someone thinks enough of my writing to pass this honor my way.

Of course this award isn’t handed out without a string attached, come on now, awards are earned remember.  Now I must provide all of you with 26 things about myself, chronicled from A to Z, and then pass the honor along to 5 blogs that I deem worthy.

I am very excited to introduce others to good reading material. In the “real” world I enjoy passing books along to friends and now I have the pleasure of passing on some Awesome Blog Content that I have discovered here in the Blogosphere.

Here Is A Little Of Me From A to Z

  • Animated … yes, my face says it all without ever uttering a word.
  • Bodacious … I love this word and hope to do it justice some day.
  • Convertible … the car that rolled into my life and brought the other C-word, change.
  • Dramatic in a loud Oh My God kind of way. 
  • Eagle-Eyed … I notice EVERYTHING. 
  • Fidgety boredom sets in quickly if I’m not “feeling it”. 
  • Guarded … yea, you’re not getting in unless I have 100% trust.
  • Horny … I just wanted to see if you were paying attention. 
  • Integrity … you better have it if you want to be a part of my life.
  • Jovial I am generally happy and I like other shiny happy people. 
  • Klutzy walls jump out at me, sidewalks trip me and stairs become slides….always.
  • Lolita my alter ego…nuf said.
  • Mysterious no need to give it all up…a little wonder is sexy.
  • Navy Seal dubbed by my teenagers because I always figure out their plans (Pa-leez!)
  • Optimistic no one likes negative Nancy, including yours truly. 
  • Political … ah, it’s in the blood. 
  • Quick … the wit is like lightning.
  • Rebel … well-behaved women never make a difference.
  • Sarcastic … always and forever.
  • Talkative if you have a pulse, I’ll start a conversation.
  • Urban … city slicker through and through.
  • Vivacious … animated, spirited, passionate..need I say more.
  • Whistle Blower hardest & most rewarding mark to date.
  • X-Rated … the mind takes several trips to the gutter … daily.
  • Youthful … I may not look it, but I feel it.
  • Zippy  I like this word. 

Congratulations to my Fabulous Five….

fridaynightfamily  … A great Blog that nourishes your Body & Soul.

Life In The Dash Lane (1962 – ?) … Truly captures the essence of a personal journey. 

Commander In Chic … Her writing inspires me every day to be a better me.

Miss Four Eyes … Young, fresh, funny and wise beyond her years.

Views and Mews by Coffee Kat  … Daily life happenings with a dash of humor and pinch of wisdom.

Check out the Fab Five and as always….Enjoy the Ride!

Oh Behave

Spring is in the air!  The budding trees, blooming flowers, green grass and of course allergies. I have a box of tissues in every room, my eyes look like I’ve been partying with Cheech & Chong and I am waving a white flag surrendering to the latest menopausal wrath of Mother Nature, but I still love this exciting time of year. There is something about Spring that makes you feel like you should be getting your “new” on, whatever that may be.  I’ve been trying to do just that, but find myself dragging to take the first of many steps. The easy answer would be “it’s the allergy drugs”,  but it’s much deeper than the Zyrtec.

Too many times I find myself putting off things that would most likely will bring me joy, because it doesn’t fit into my routine. I am way too young, or at least I think and feel way too young, to be living my life by a rigid routine. Honestly, I’m really not that busy! Yet I am finding myself deferring invitations with a lazy excuse such as “Nah, I can’t, I already took my bra off.”  Did I suddenly lose the use of my hands and now I can’t put it back on?  How about just … dare I say … going without it.

I can’t count how many times I think about joining a class, going for a drink with my co-workers or having dinner with friends, yet I don’t make the effort to put these ideas into action. I can talk myself out of a plan in a flash. I am a clearly a professional sloth who accepts such lame excuses as “I have to do wash”… for god sakes it’s not like I’m lugging it down to the river to beat it with rocks, I’m pushing a button and waiting for it to be done. I would NEVER accept this excuse from someone else, so why the hell do I accept it from myself?

Time is accelerating at lighting speed and I am I allowing myself to miss out on life based on chores.  Basically, I am just sitting around making empty promises and lame excuses to myself while I’m missing the now.  Jeez, at the rate my life is traveling, the only thing I’m going to have is a big list of  “I was going go here.” and “I was going try this or that when things weren’t so crazy.”   Now that is just beyond pathetic. Where is my sense of adventure, my vigor …. my SELF?

“Life Happens When You’re Busy Making Other Plans”  John Lennon

I know exactly what this is all about…it’s about loosing my Mojo! ..Oh, yeah, baby

Somewhere between falling in love, raising children and having young adults, it went missing. It must have happened during the height of raising, running, rushing,working, going, getting and doing for everyone else … it slipped right out of my hands.

Well, the good news is I can vaguely remember what it looks like and you better believe I’m on my way to get it back…..Groovy baby!

Life is too short not to …..

  •  Be the freaking Rock Star from Mars I was meant to be.
  •  Eat bacon & have sex (not necessarily together or in that order)
  •  Break some rules and raise some hell.
  •  Sparkle
  •  Do something that matters.
  •  Have a little umbrella in my drink.
  •  Do what I love and love what I do.
  •  Eat dessert.
  •  Laugh out loud
  •  BE HAPPY.

Life always offers us a second chance. It’s called tomorrow. Take it slow. Don’t rush through it and just … Enjoy the Ride!

Let The Music Play

I recently created a Playlist on my iPhone in order to motivate me at the gym. The pumped in selection via the horrific sound system, couldn’t motivate this ass on a good day!  It was time to create the playlist.  This wasn’t going to be an easy task for me and I’ve been putting it off for quite some time. Honestly, it shouldn’t be that difficult, but I appreciate all genres of music and can go from Al Green to Led Zeppelin with a dash of Beyonce and back again without even batting an eye. Where would I even begin?  As a self admitted channel changer and a beat a song to death with the replay button person, this would be challenging to say the least.

When I listen to music I have to feel it, it can never be noise in the background, unless of course I’m not in control of the buttons…ugh.  So, I finally decided to go with whatever came to mind first and let the selections choose themselves. When I was finished I read the tiles back and they were telling quite a tale, the tale of me.

 This is my profound list of tunes that will be motivating me in and outside of the dreaded gym……for now anyway.

1. Somebody That I Use To Know…Yea, the doormat version of myself …she’s gone now, tootles.

2. Don’t Stop Believin…Best advice every given..if you have the strength to believe it’s true.

3. Maybe I’m Amazed…Taking time to notice something every day that makes me think..wow.

4. Sweet Child O’Mine…Emily & Zachary of course (even though they would not participate in my sing-a-long of this song)

5. Losing My Religion…12 years of Catholic School..nuff said.

6. Learn To Fly…I am finally starting to see the importance of this in my life.

7. Hear Comes The Sun…Always seeing a bright side in the darkness.

8. Dream On…Can’t let them get away, life is too short not to live your dreams.

9. Like A Prayer…Laughter is my prayer, always heals my soul.

10. More Than A Feeling…Greg 

11. Peace of Mind…Something I wasted so much time looking for while the controller was in the mirror the whole time.

12. Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad…Um…yea..they were.

13. I’ll Do Anything For Love…Dam straight! 

14. Man In The Box…The core…the deep dark seeded core. 

15. Your Decision...Made some very good ones, some very bad ones and learned from them all (sooner would have been nice)

16. Rooster…Obviously the fact that I am an early riser… always have been.

17. Simple Man… My happiest moments have always been the simplest.

18. Good Life…How I’m living right now.

19. A Change is Gonna Come…O, indeed they have come, gone and some have pleasantly made themselves at home. 

20. Let It Be…If you can do this, you can do anything….big lesson for me. 

21. Sexy and I Know It…Represents a new found confidence.

22. I Can See Clearly Now…New glasses will do this to 48 year old eyes (factual and metaphorical glasses)

23. Fall to Pieces…Yep, this has happened many times for many reasons..good, bad, happy & sad.

24. Walk on By…Not easy to do, but sometimes it’s just necessary.

25. I Want To Break Free... In the process of completing this mission.

Take a minute to read your Playlist … you might be surprised at what you discover.

All I’m gonna do is just go on and do what I feel. Jimi Hendrix

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